Sierra 4.3 Upgrade Complete

This upgrade will take us from Sierra 4.0 to Sierra 4.3. For the new libraries or library staff that haven't been around for a Sierra upgrade, library staff responsibilities are listed below.
Clearing the jarcache
With Sierra upgrades the jarcache folder will need to be updated as well. The steps to clear this out can be found HERE, and if you are interested in a course about clearing the jarcache click HERE.
Frontline circ staff
  • Make sure you know who is responsible for clearing the jarcache on June 19th.
  • Make sure to only bring up one Sierra session at a time the morning of the 19th. Allow all jarfiles to download and Sierra to fully log in before starting the application on the next computer. This will ensure that the Sierra server doesn’t get overloaded by too many requests at opening.
Catalogers or someone who runs Sierra on their own work computer
You will likely be responsible for clearing the jarcache on your computer, but check with your manager to make sure they do not already have plans to do this for you.
If you have any questions please let us know.