Cataloging - 949 control field for bib record settings

The 949 control field can be used to set the fixed fields in the bib record when a record is exported from OCLC or Skyriver. The 949 field used for this purpose should have blank indicators and no subfields. The field should always start with an asterisk. It appears like this:

949 \\*recs=b;bn=mv;ov=.b5662914x;b3=n;

The \\ represents blank indicators. Each command needs to be followed by a semicolon, even the last one.

These are the commands:

  • recs=; Sets the load profile used. The profile is designated by the string in brackets in the label in Data Exchange. For example, “(S) Load vendor file [ven]” is selected here with “recs=ven;”. The Load Profiles are described on this page: Load Profiles
  • ov=.;Record number to overlay. Must include the dot.
  • la=; Language
  • bn=; Bib Location
  • co=; Copies
  • ct=; Cat Date
  • b1=; Bib Lvl
  • b2=; Mat Type
  • b3=; Spec’l Use
  • cy=; Country
  • ins=; Username

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