Clearing Sierra Jarcache

Jarcache FAQS
What is the Sierra jarcache?
The Sierra jarcache runs Sierra. The jarcache contains about 74 files.

Why would I clear the jarcache? 
The jarcache should be cleared for the following reasons:
If Sierra is running slower than normal.
If you have trouble logging into Sierra.
Trouble with Sierra functions that used to work normally.
When there is a problem with Sierra, but it only happens on a certain computer no matter who logs into Sierra.

Will I need to do this for everyone's Sierra login?
No. Clearing the jarcache is related to the computer and not the Sierra login. Once the jarcache is cleared anyone can log into Sierra.

Note: Expresslane self checks are the same as regular Sierra desktop stations, and need to have their jarcache checked periodically.

How to clear Sierra jarcache
1) Make sure you are completely out of the Sierra program
2) Click on your file folder to get to your Local Disk C:
Note:For older computers you may need to go to MyComputer or Computer to see your C:Drive
3) Double click on the folder Sierra Desktop App
4) Double click on the folder jarcache
5) Use Ctrl A to highlight all the files
6) Right click to bring up the option to delete
7) Click delete
8) This should clear all the files
9) Open Sierra
10) It may take a few minutes longer for the jars to load
11) Login to Sierra
12) Contact Marmot if you have questions