Online Catalog Server Migration at 9 pm MDT 3/19/2018

Below is an outline of the steps that occur during the migration process.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

1) The new virtual server will initially be in offline mode with logging in disabled. This is to prevent the creation of new user data on the server before the final transfer of the user data from the current in-production server.

2) Marmot updates the DNS to point catalog URLs to the new virtual server. Both servers will have a notice at the top of every page: "The catalog is currently undergoing a server migration. Access to account information and availability is limited. The migration should be completed soon."

3) Marmot will put the current production Pika server into offline mode with logging in disabled. This to stop the creation of new user data on that server.  (Occasionally DNS changes take some time to propagate out in the world.)

4) Marmot will update the new server with the user-data from the current server.

5) Turn off the offline mode on the virtual server, resuming normal operation of the online catalog.

Tuesday morning (3/20/2018), should you encounter issues or receive reports of issues, please notify us right away.