Sierra Installation and Troubleshooting on a PC

Please note that the Sierra desktop client needs to use a wired internet connection.  Using WIFI may cause issues with the connection.  In addition, any drops from WIFI will affect access to Sierra.

  1. Go to the Sierra Installer Link:
  2. Click on the Download link for the Platform that you are currently using your computer
  3. On the page are instructions for downloading all the different platforms
  4. In the installer, you will come to a point where it asks for an IP address (Use

Command Window shows the interim window that appears while Sierra is installing.

  • The jar files will be loading at the bottom of the screen. It will take several minutes for Sierra to download jar files, especially the first time.
  • Once the jar files are downloaded, you can log in to Sierra. 

​​Note: The self-check requires a special configuration, so you will need Marmot's assistance. Self-check logins depend on the location.

Windows 8 or 8.1 
Run as administrator is the crucial difference for Windows 8 and 8.1 When you are ready to do the install, Right-click on the installation icon, and select "Run as administrator." It will probably have a little Windows security shield next to it. Depending on how permissions are set up for your computers, you may need to contact your local IT department to make this step possible. The setup package is already set to run Sierra in Compatibility mode (necessary starting with Windows 8), and that should be enabled by running as admin. 


Sierra: Upgrade Requirements

  • Upgrades to the Sierra system will normally require downloading update to all workstations running the Sierra Desktop App.
  • You must have administrative rights to the Sierra application folder (normally “C:\Sierra Desktop App”) for the updates to download and save successfully.
  • Please check with your IT department to confirm that these rights are in place.
  • Marmot recommends that these rights be continuous rather than just during upgrades.

Sierra Configuration Troubleshooting

Configuration file has incorrect server

  • On your computer, browse to the "C:\Sierra Desktop App" folder.
  • Right-click the "iiirunner.lax" file and selct "Open with". Extensions may be hidden, in which case you would look for "iiirunner" with a file type of "lax"
  • Select Notepad as the application you'd like to use to open the file.
  • In the "LAX.COMMAND.LINE.ARGS" section, make sure the line reads as follows:
    • ""
  • Edit as needed and save the file. Launch Sierra.

To ensure that access to Sierra server is kept secure, the following is recommended:

  • Ensure you are not requesting access from a dynamic IP address
  • Use a VPN available from Marmot when possible
  • Request removal of any IP address that no longer requires access
    • If expired or invalid IP addresses are not removed from our security whitelists it could open up your server for unauthorized access and service outage