Release Notes for 09/07/2021

Pika Release Notes 2021.03.0 

New Functionality

  • Search Engine Upgrade (Solr)(Minute 07:52)
  • Updated Solr configuration settings (controlling how the search engine behaves) to be compatible with upgraded version

  • Updated Solr schema design (what is put into the index and how the index behaves) to be compatible with upgraded version
  • Regular catalog and genealogy indexes
  • Upgraded java libraries to use versions compatible with the upgraded search engine
  • Created process to run a full reindex for the genealogy database (Required to upgrade Solr engine)
  • Fixed ID searching which broke with upgrade
  • Cancelled ISBNs (MARC 020z) search now available in Advanced Search with ISBN/ISSN/UPC search (MUG 2019 Winner)(Minute 09:20


  • Indexed as a separate field from regular ISBNs field
  • Note: Regular keyword search will not match against cancelled ISBNs. You can find them using the ISBN Advanced Search.

  • Overdrive Magazine Handling Improvements (Minute 21:29)
    • Issue Display - new record view section which will display a widget of covers for each issue, ordered by published date 

  • Issue Checkout 
    • prompted to select issue from main check out button, latest issue pre-selected

  • From Issue pop-up, if there are not linked accounts to select that specific issue     will be checked out
  • Extract Issues from API
    • Extract new issues daily
      • Cover images updated as new issues are found
  • MyAccount/CheckedOut page will display each issue that is checked out

  • For users without linked accounts, they will only see the dropdown option for back issues when they're checking out either from the search results, or using the checkout button in the detail view of the title.

  • When non-linked accounts are checking out from the issues carousel in the detailed record view, the chosen issue in the carousel will be checked out -- there won't be an option to choose which back issue.


  • If/when checking out from the issues carousel in the detail record view for linked accounts, users will see the option to choose the account and the issue, but the issue option will default to the option chosen from the carousel, like Ashley demoed on 09/07 at the discovery committee meeting.    


  • OverDrive Record View - move OverDrive title’s subjects into the subjects section of accordion
  • Graphic Novel grouping for OverDrive sideloads (eg CMC)(Minute 11:04)
    • OverDrive Marc files with 650a tags with phrase "comic and graphic books"
      • Will have Grouping Category of Graphic Novel
      • Will have Format determination of eComic

  • Graphic Novel grouping category and format determinations for records having 650v or 655v tags with phrase  "Comic books, strips, etc."
  • Smarter NYT list updates (MUG 2019 Winner)
    • Checks to see if full reindex is running and that solr is available before updating lists
    • Dynamically creates any new lists that may be available from the NY Times Best Sellers API
  • Added ILS record alert to Index Status API method (Minute 14:13
    • Alerts us to when no ILS record has been extracted within the last couple hours. This indicates something has broken in the day-time partial export and reindexing process. Especially important for non-Sierra library systems.
  • Horizon & Symphony Extraction (Minute 13:12)
    • Implement record extraction tracking for day-time record exports
    • Regrouping of new records so that newly created titles can show up in search without the nightly full regrouping
  • Grouped Work Series Pages now will explicitly display the series volume number for each entry in the main details section below the Author
  • Update Pika handling of Sierra Materials Bookings (via classic opac screen scraping) in order to allow Bookings for the Get Outdoors Leadville’s Community Gear library (patch deployed) (Minute 14:39)
    • Enable to “Schedule an Item” for chosen days

  • Fixed Cancelling multiple bookings at the same time

  • Updated post- login behavior to show patrons that have only bookings, the My Bookings page

Note: The Scheduled Items Menu option displays when a library has turned on the Pika setting enableBookings

  • Allow for the ability to create a booking for today
  • Marc Record Validator process that validates marc files before they are grouped then indexed, will now only new or updated files (rather than validating all files every night)(Minute 18:07)
    • New table tracks uploading file,  time stamp, validation result, validation time, and number of records in the file
  • Merging Grouped Works -  List page of merged works will now sort by default by the last updated date, most recent first  (MUG 2019 Winner)(Minute 18:46)

  • Record Not to Merge list page will now sort by default by the last updated date

  • Colorado Government Documents sideload covers will now display the document title in the cover image (and author when the title is short enough) (Minute 20:00)

  • Removed obsolete Library Admin setting “Add SMS Indicator to Primary Phone”, which when implemented prepended TEXT ONLY to user phone numbers

Bug Fixes

  • Search (Minute 20:44)
    • User Lists that are public and in search results would not be removed from search results when made private or deleted until a full reindex.  These lists will now be removed from search in the next round of partial indexing after being made private or deleted.
  • Flatirons ILS eContent
    • Use catch-all format of “Online Resource” for any record without a more specific eContent format determination
    • Itemless records
      • Improved eContent Source determination based on URL checking
      • Use catch-all eContent Source of “eContent” when the source can not be determined based on URL
      • Use Bib-level locations for library ownership determination
        • Record number tag locations subfield (907b)
          • If not found, fall back to Sierra Fixed Field locations subfields (998h)
    • Item records
      • Add eContent handling for Lafayette Online Photographs records
  • Re-enable ability to display Opac Message item subfield within call number in Quick Summary pop-up and Record View Copies section.
    • For Aurora Public Library
  • Sierra: Fines
    • Fine display now taking processing fees and billing fees into account
    • Badges should match fines page
  • Sierra: Fix change PIN success message
  • Handle new OverDrive error for CPC titles, “no copies available, cpc titles for fast lane members only” so that upon checkout failure the user is asked if they’d like to place a hold instead
  • Vail Self-Registration form re-include optional physical address in addition to mailing address
  • Update label for library admin setting to “Show Library Holidays and Hours Notice on Account Pages”
  • When cloning a library or location, do not copy the new setting Catalog Url, which needs to be set manually for every library or location
  • For new Material Requests submissions, clean up entries for isbn, issn, upc to be numeric only (or character x (special check-digit character for isbn10))  eg. remove extraneous dashes
  • Check PIN length when resetting PIN
    • Added max length setting

Sideloads (Minute 24:54)

Additional Work


  • Sierra bookings module
  • Update GMMS Logo
  • Update email messaging for Sacramento self-reg

Documentation (Minute 27:58)


  • n/a


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Tuesday, 2021, September 7
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Release Notes
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