Patch Release Notes for 10/05/2021

Pika Release Notes 2021.03.1

Deployed 10/05/21

New Functionality

  • Solr Upgrade

    • Reworked the index backup and index restore to use Solr’s native backup/restore processes

      • Compress backup files as a background process so that other nightly full update processes can proceed

    • When the Solr searcher core dies while the indexing core is doing the full re-index, restarting the solr searcher would cause search results to empty out.  The restart script was reworked to issue commands to solr after the restart to prevent the results from emptying out

  • Implement a grouping time limit.  

    • Full regrouping will stop when a system variable is set for a grouping time limit and sideload processing has caused the grouping to run beyond that time limit.

    • This ensures that when many sideloads get updated on the same day that grouping doesn’t cause the full reindex to be so delayed that it runs during the day time

    • This is only needed for Marmot’s Pika site and will only be turned on for Marmot

Bug Fixes

  • Reduce popularity boosting on searches. With solr upgrade, popularity boosting was overpowering more relevant results in some searches

  • Fixed saved genealogy searches so that they are successfully restored when clicked from search history

  • Fixed display of date Update field for Work Merges and Record unmerging

  • Sierra: PIN length min and max length

    • Checks for self registration

    • Checks when updating my account

  • Sierra: Allow email in MyAccount to be updated to null

Additional Work

  • Wake County logo update

  • New LION library theme - Wheeler Library

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Tuesday, 2021, October 5
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Patch Release Notes
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