Meeting Minutes for 04/10/2018

E-Content Committee Meeting
Update from the curation subcommittee – Liz

  • Staff Picks list is very popular, and a big “thank you” to everyone who suggested titles. Please continue to send titles to Liz or Jennifer.
  • Nathan added the Batter Up! list.  If anyone purchased any baseball titles, please send those titles to Jennifer. She will add them to the baseball-curated list.
  • Jennifer added the Book Club Reads list.  
  • Call for new members/participation. Curating the lists is fun and enjoyable.
  • The curation subcommittee is especially looking for ideas for teens and children’s lists.

New eContent integrations and functionality within Pika – Jordan

  • Jordan wanted to make sure that was still communication between the E-Content Committee (ECC) and the Discovery Committee.
  • R & D team is in the middle of their Hoopla integration, and hope to have it done over the summer.
  • R & D is looking to their next eContent integration.  It will probably be RBdigital or Kanopy.
  • Jordan will be working with the Discovery Committee to figure out which eContent source should be next.
  • Jordan will be looking at how similar RBdigital APIs are for their audiobooks are to their magazines to see if they can count them as one integration.  This would be less work and may weigh into the order that R & D will do things.
  • Jordan asked that people, who want to add input on whether R & D should be working on RBdigital (audiobook or magazines) or Kanopy, please either attend the Discover Committee, or talk to your Discovery Committee representative.
  • Send any questions to

Discuss phase 2 of the Advantage Share (Bud Werner Pilot Project).
Bud Werner will share their experience using Advantage Share, and demo their workflow – Alysa

  • Alysa Selby’s Advantage Share Demo (Recording)
  • BWML Advantage Plus (Phase II Testing) Powerpoint
  • Advantage Share Notes
  • Goals
    • Start Using Advantage Plus for all purchases
    • Ask if it is reasonable to only buy via this method
    • Do we get good stats
  • Reminder of Lending Rules
    • Collective Titles are available to all and holds go to the next person on the list.
    • Advantage Titles are ONLY available to the library that purchased the title and holds ONLY go to their patrons.
    • Advantage Plus titles may or may not be shared with the collective.  If they are shared anyone may borrow it, but patrons from the purchasing library are moved to the top of any hold queue.
  • BWML Purchasing & Sharing Rules
    • All purchasing is now done through Advantage Plus
    • Run the Advantage Plus > Review Titles list weekly & share all purchased titles.
    • Pledged dollars to buy Overdrive Collective titles are now purchased through Advantage Plus and shared the following week.
    • Continue to automatically buy additional copies at a hold ration of 3 to 1. These are purchased via our Holds Manager settings.
    • For individual hold requests, wait until the patron requesting the item have a chance to grab it first before sharing with the consortium.
    • For visiting authors and Literary Sojourn, wait a week after announcing the programing before sharing with the consortium.
    • Run weekly reports on expired titles both in the collective and advantage that have Bud Werner holds - purchase these titles and share
  • Discoveries
    • All titles are showing up in Pika with the next index though the numbers might be off.
    • If you want to share a title and keep one for just your patrons then you need to purchase them on different days. Place the order - share it - then place the 2nd order and opt to not share it.  Not a perfect system.
    • Reporting has serious issues Title Status & Usage vs. Circulation
    • Need to ask Overdrive to weed advantage titles.
    • Advantage Logins do not show collective must search in both interfaces for all new title purchases - that is if you wish to maximize your dollars or know what others are purchasing
  • Thoughts About Spending
    • Marmot’s Current Role
      • Marmot pays the Platform fees from their regular budget
      • Members pledge an amount to spend on new titles for the collective, and members expend their own dollars.
      • Members are billed based on a percentage of what they pledge to spend, to manage holds which are purchased by member volunteers (~ $4,700/mth)
        • Purchase expired titles with holds
        • Purchase down the hold list ~ 10 to 1
  • Advantage Plus Only - BWML is Testing - Mimics Physical Collections
    • Marmot still plays the platform fees
    • All members buy exclusively va Advantage Plus, but share as they see fit
    • All members manage their own holds
  • Offer Both
    • Marmot still plays the platform fees
    • Members are still billed for collective hold management
    • Members can opt to buy in any of the 3 models (Collective, Advantage, Advantage Plus)
    • Marmot/Volunteers manage holds

Demo from Recorded Books on their NEW Streaming Video with Unlimited Use Model and exclusive eAudiobook content, all on the same App - Mark Haley

  • Demo Recording
  • Q & A
  • Will the Great Courses offered stay the same, or rotate through different titles?
    • Primarily they will stay the same, but there will be additions.  There are about 156 courses right now, and have contracted with the Great Courses to add more.  It is only going to add. It will not be a rotating collection. The core collection will be added to when courses become available.
  • If this is a marmot wide platform, how does pricing work if one library purchases a physical audio book and RB bundles the eaudio?
    • Recorded Books can establish a parent-child relationship.  You can buy them on your own; you can buy them as a group. There are many details on how the model could work.  You could have libraries choose to have money for the group, or have their own titles that only their patrons can see.  You can have either/or or both is the answer to the question.
  • How would a shared collection be accessed by the public?
    • The MARC records would be sent with the Zinio MARC records to the same ftp site.
    • It could be side loaded into Pika like the eMagazines.
    • R & D is looking into RBdigital APIs to integrate the collection like OverDrive titles are in Pika.
  • Action Item: Mark Haley will send the pricing structure to Marmot who will share the information with the ECC group.

Introduction of our new Account Manager, Abbey Deckard

  • Abbey is the main contact from OverDrive for questions, requests or just need to confer with her about anything.
  • If you go to your Marketplace account, her information is available when you click on the Support link.

Discuss phase 3 of the Advantage Share (Bud Werner Pilot Project).
Other Advantage Libraries join Advantage Share - Liz

  • Three other libraries are considering using the Advantage Share
    • Basalt
    • Garfield
    • Telluride
  • Only one issue with Advantage Share from the financial aspect
    • The OverDrive Purchase Order History report is run quarterly by Marmot to update Directors on the spending for their libraries.  This takes into account the total amount of money that each library has pledged to spend on their own to purchase titles for the Marmot shared collection, this amount is minus the 30% for that Alysa and Joyce use to purchase.  
    • We can run a report for any library with an Advantage collection.  However, we would not know the total amount a library spends for the Advantage Share collection they want to share with everyone.
  • Action Item: The three libraries who were interested in Advantage Share can start the process.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, July 10th at 1 p.m.

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Tuesday, 2018, April 10
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