Acquisitions - Using the Form Tool for Editing

The Display Form Tool in Fund Adjustment setting in Admin | Settings | Funds controls whether the form tool appears on the Adjustment tab.

To adjust funds by using the form tool at the top of the table:

  1. Select Use Form. (Otherwise, do not mark the checkbox and directly click editable fields on the table to make your adjustments.) 
  2. In the form tool, enter the fund code under Fund Code.
  3. Select Appropriate, Expend, or Encumber from the drop-down menu.
  4. When you click the accompanying entry field, it automatically provides the current data for the appropriation, expenditure, or encumbrance amount already reflected in the table. After the plus sign, enter the amount as a decimal value that you want to add or enter the amount to subtract by entering a negative number.
  5. If you want to add a note, enter it under Note
  6. To save your changes and then return to the Data tab, choose Finish from the toolbar.
  • To return to the Data tab without saving changes, choose Cancel from the toolbar and select No when asked Do you want to save new fund adjustments?
  • Note: The changes to not take effect until posted