Acquisitions - Vendor Z39.50 Database Settings

When shopping on a vendor's website some vendors have the ability to check the Sierra classic catalog to see if your library already owns a title. They use Z39.50 to pull this information into their own system. Below are the settings a vendor would need to set up this function.


Database: INNOPAC

Port: 210

This can either be set up to search all of Marmot or a limited scope. If you want to include all of Marmot, then the setting above is all they need. If you want a limited scope, then the Database field should use one of the settings in this table.

List of Scope Limiters

Name Database
All of Marmot INNOPAC
Adams State University INNOPAC:Adams
Basalt Regional Library District INNOPAC:Basalt
Basalt Regional Library, Juvenile Collection  INNOPAC:Basalt Juv
Bemis Public Library  INNOPAC:Bemis
Buena Vista Public Library  INNOPAC:BuenaVista
CMC Leadville INNOPAC:CMC Leadvl
CMC Quigley INNOPAC:CMC Glenwd
CMC Steamboat INNOPAC:CMC Stmbt
Colorado Christian University INNOPAC:Colo Chr U
Colorado Mesa University INNOPAC:CMU
Colorado Mountain College INNOPAC:CMC
Delta County Libraries INNOPAC:DeltaCount
Eagle Valley Library District INNOPAC:EVLD
Eagle Valley Library Juvenile INNOPAC:EVLD J
Englewood Public Library  INNOPAC:Englewood
FLC Delaney Library  INNOPAC:FL Delaney
FLC Reed Library INNOPAC:FLC Reed
Fort Lewis College  INNOPAC:FL College
Garfield County Public Library INNOPAC:Garfield
Garfield County Public Library Juvenile Collection INNOPAC:Garfield J
GCP Carbondale Branch  INNOPAC:GCP Carbon
GCP Glenwood Branch  INNOPAC:GCP Glenwd
GCP New Castle Branch  INNOPAC:GCP NewCas
GCP Parachute Branch  INNOPAC:GCP Para
GCP Rifle Branch  INNOPAC:GCP Rifle
GCP Silt Branch  INNOPAC:GCP Silt
Get Outdoors Leadville INNOPAC:GOL
Grand County  INNOPAC:GrandCo
Grand County Juvenile INNOPAC:Grand Co J
GRC Fraser Valley Library  INNOPAC:Fraser
GRC Granby Branch  INNOPAC:Granby
GRC Juniper Branch  INNOPAC:Juniper
GRC Kremmling Branch  INNOPAC:Kremmling
Gunnison County Public Library INNOPAC:Gunnison
Gunnison Public Library, Juvenile Collection INNOPAC:Gunnison J
Lake County  INNOPAC:LakeCounty
Mesa County Libraries INNOPAC:MesaCnty
Mesa County Libraries, Juvenile Collection INNOPAC:MesaCnty J
Mesa Valley School District 51  INNOPAC:MVS 
Mesa Valley School District 51 Elementary Schools INNOPAC:MVS Elem
SD51 Appleton Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Appltn
SD51 Bookcliff Middle Sch  INNOPAC:MVS Bkclff
SD51 Broadway Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Brdwy
SD51 Central High School  INNOPAC:MVS Cen HS
SD51 Chatfield Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Chatfd
SD51 Chipeta Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Chipet
SD51 Clifton Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Cliftn
SD51 Dos Rios Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS DRios
SD51 Dual Immersion Academy  INNOPAC:SD51 Dual
SD51 East Middle School  INNOPAC:MVS EastMS
SD51 Fruita 8/9 School  INNOPAC:MVS Fr 8/9
SD51 Fruita High School  INNOPAC:MVS FHS
SD51 Fruita Middle School INNOPAC:MVS FMS
SD51 Fruitvale Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Fruitv
SD51 Gateway School  INNOPAC:MVS Gatewy
SD51 GrandJct High School  INNOPAC:MVS GJHS
SD51 Lincoln OM Elem  INNOPAC:MVS LincOM
SD51 Lincoln Park Elem  INNOPAC:MVS LnPark
SD51 Loma Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Loma
SD51 Mesa View Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Mview
SD51 Monument Ridge Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Monume
SD51 New Emerson Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS NewEm
SD51 Nisley Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Nisley
SD51 Orchard Ave Elem  INNOPAC:MVS OrchAv
SD51 Palisade High School  INNOPAC:MVS PHS
SD51 Pear Park Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Pear P
SD51 Pomona Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Pomona
SD51 Professional Library INNOPAC:MVS Prof
SD51 Redlands Middle School  INNOPAC:MVS Red MS
SD51 Rim Rock Elementary    INNOPAC:MVS Rim Rk
SD51 Rocky Mtn Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS RkyMtn
SD51 Scenic Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Scenic
SD51 Shelledy Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Sheldy
SD51 Taylor Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Taylor
SD51 Thunder Mtn Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Tmtn
SD51 Tope Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Tope
SD51 West Middle School  INNOPAC:MVS WMS
SD51 Wingate Elementary  INNOPAC:MVS Wngate
SSCL High School Library  INNOPAC:SSCL HS
SSCL Soda Creek Elementary  INNOPAC:SSCL Soda
SSCL Strawberry Park Elem  INNOPAC:SSCL STPK
Montrose Regional Library INNOPAC:Montrose
Pine River Library  INNOPAC:PineRiver
Pitkin County Library INNOPAC:Pitkin 
Pitkin County Library, Juvenile Collection INNOPAC:Pitkin Juv
Plateau Valley School  INNOPAC:PVS
Plateau Valley School, Elementary   INNOPAC:PVS Elem
Rampart Library District  INNOPAC:Rampart
Salida Regional Library  INNOPAC:Salida
Steamboat Springs Community Libraries  INNOPAC:Steamboat
Steamboat Springs Juvenile Collection  INNOPAC:SteamboatJ
Summit County Public Library  INNOPAC:Summit
Summit County Library, Juvenile Collection  INNOPAC:Summit Juv
Town of Vail Public Library  INNOPAC:Vail
Western State Colorado University  INNOPAC:Western
Wilkinson Public Library  INNOPAC:Telluride
Wilkinson Public Library, Juvenile  INNOPAC:TellurideJ