Cataloging - 949 control field to attach items

Format for 949 control field to create attached items to loaded records

The 949 control field to create an item looks like this in Connexion:

949_1 ǂi 1070003542208 ǂl flgmn ǂz 090 ǂa BL782 ǂb .S7 1979 ǂt 18 ǂh 170 ǂs-

Marc tag is 949, first indicator is blank, second indicator must be 1 (that’s a number one)

The ǂ indicates the subfield in Connexion.  

In Connexion there will be spaces around the subfield delimiters.  These spaces are removed when the record is actually loaded.  

You can add these fields in MarcEdit as well.  In that case use the $ for the subfields and don’t include spaces around the delimiters.  The same field would look like this in MarcEdit:

949  \1$i1070003542208$lflgmn$z090$aBL782$b.S7 1979$t18$h170$s-

Not all of the loaders you might choose respond to this control field.  Check the load profile document for what triggers item record creation in each loader.

This works the same in SkyRiver, but you will use the | (pipe) character for the subfields.

  • i = barcode 
    • this subfield actually triggers the creation of the item record in many load tables 
  • l = item location code 
  • z = 090 or 092 or 099 
    • (092 = Dewey, 099 = local, 090 = LoC) 
  • d = call number prefix (i.e. REF.) 
  • a = classification number 
  • b = cutter number 
  • c = volume number 
  • p = price 
  • t = ITYPE 
  • h = agency number 
  • g = copy number 
  • q = ICODE1 
  • s = STATUS 
  • r = ICODE2 
  • u = IMESSAGE 
  • o = OPACMSG 
  • n = INT. NOTE (variable) 
  • f = LOCAL NOTE (variable) 
  • j = price2 field (variable) 
  • w = eContent (for electronic resource materials) 
  • m = Message (variable)
  • x = INPUTTER (variable)

Exceptions: 099 call numbers should be only in $a. There is no $b in a 099.

To see the choices for the status, ITYPE or ICODEs, etc., open an item record and double click in the field so the list of choices appears.

BTW: if you want a URL in the item record, that goes in the 856|u of the MARC record.  Tables that put URLs in item records will get it from there. URLs do not come from 949 fields.

Last update 07.16.2019 - lc