Cataloging - 949 control field for bib record settings

The 949 control field can be used to set the fixed fields in the bib record when a record is exported from OCLC or Skyriver. The 949 field used for this purpose should have blank indicators and only subfield $a. The field should always start with an asterisk. It appears like this in MarcEdit:

949 \\$a*recs=b;bn=mv;ov=.b5662914x;b3=n;

The \\ represents blank indicators. Each command needs to be followed by a semicolon, even the last one.

These are the commands:

  • recs=; Sets the load profile used. The profile is designated by the string in brackets in the label in Data Exchange. For example, “(S) Load vendor file [ven]” is selected here with “recs=ven;”. The Load Profiles are described on this page: Load Profiles
  • ov=.;Record number to overlay. Must include the dot.
  • la=; Language
  • bn=; Bib Location
  • co=; Copies
  • ct=; Cat Date
  • b1=; Bib Lvl
  • b2=; Mat Type
  • b3=; Spec’l Use
  • cy=; Country
  • ins=; Username

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