Configuring Sierra Scheduler Tasks and Jobs for Pika

Pika uses full exports sent from Sierra nightly to update changes, additions, and deletions to holdings in the ILS. The Scheduler tool can create this export automatically and deliver to an FTP server. Pika will use the full export file from the FTP server to update holdings as they appear in the catalog.

Using Scheduler,  you specify a Task to tell it what to do and Job to tell it when to do it. To configure the necessary task in Scheduler, you’ll need to reference a saved search and a review file in Sierra. The saved search needs to create a full list of the holdings that you want to appear in Pika. For example, this means you can choose to not export holdings such as suppressed or withdrawn bibs and items.  You would define those parameters in the saved search. Please note that review file you use in Sierra needs to be large enough to accommodate the full export -- an inadequate file size will cut off some of the records you want to include and a warning will NOT be returned.