Course Reserves

The Course Reserves function can maintain course reserve lists which are groups of items that are required or recommended reading for courses. 

You can use the Course Reserves function to perform the following tasks:

  • Add item and bibliographic records to courses. 
  • Change records' reserve status.
  • Remove items and bibs from a course.

Course Information

  • Creating a Course
  • Deleting a Course
  • Suppressing a Course 
  • Unsuppressing a Course 

Course Reserve Record Information

  • Adding an Item to a Course 
  • Adding a Library Owned Item to a Course
  • Changing an Item Status (Active or Inactive) 
  • Changing Course Reserve Settings During a Session
  • Creating a Bib for a Course (Key a Bibliographic – Item record and New Icon)
  • Creating an Item for a Course (New Icon)
  • Defining Settings for a Course Reserves Session
  • Disabling Course Reserve Settings 
  • Removing an Item from a Course

FAQ / Common Questions

  • Course Reserve activity report
  • How to create a Create Lists review file of items that are linked to a course reserve
  • Inaccessible Records: Course Reserve
  • Limit on Course Reserve attached items
  • Multiple locations for a course reserve
  • Recognizing a Course Reserve Broken Link
  • Reserves: Store course reserve history in item records
  • Retain Number of Checkouts from Reserve Circulation
  • What Happens When Records are Added to an Active Reserve