Course Reserves - Variable Length Fields for Course Records

Each type of record has a set of valid variable-length fields. Variable-length fields contain data that is usually alphanumeric. Examples of data in variable-length fields are free-text notes, addresses, and barcodes. If a variable-length field is valid for a record type and enabled, it does not have to appear in every record of that type.

Course Record Variable-length Fields 

Field  Description Field Group Tag or Default MARC Tag Data in Field Entered by Limits Examples
(Course Note) 
Free text note field. A course record can contain multiple COUR NOTE fields. n Library Staff Maximum 10,000 characters 1 DAY LOAN
(Course Number and Course Name)
This field may occur more than once in a single record and is used as an access point in retrieving the record. r Library Staff Maximum 10,000 characters

Course Number: THEA 153 (followed by your library's 2 or 3 letter code)


Course Name: ACTING l: BEG ACTING (followed by your library's 2 or 3 letter code)

The name of the course instructor, last name first. This could be a professor, teaching assistant, lecturer, instructor, or any name that might be used as an access point in retrieving the course record. This field may repeat as many times as desired. p Library Staff Maximum 10,000 characters Doe, Jane

PSWD (Password)

The course password. The tag for this field can be changed by using the Tag to use for course passwords in the course records option. This option allows you to set the field tag to assign to the PSWD variable-length field in the course record. By default, the PSWD field uses the 's' tag. If the course password field has not been set up, contact the Marmot for more information. s Library Staff Maximum 10,000 characters password
URL URL associated with the course record. Inserting URLs into course records requires a special setup. Contact Marmot for more information. y or 856 Library Staff Maximum 10,000 characters