Create Lists - Append a Review File

Appending a Set of Records 
1. Choose Create Lists from the Function list 
2. Choose the review file to which you want to add records by selecting its row 
3. Choose the Append tool from the toolbar. The Boolean Search window opens. 
4. You can change the title for the review file by entering a new title. The title can be up to 50 characters long. 
5. For most purposes, you must enter your search criteria. If you want to append all records in a range, do not enter any criteria other than the range. 
6. Choose Search to begin. If you did not enter any criteria other than the range, the system asks if you want to retrieve all records in the range. 
7. Choose Yes to continue.

To add records to an existing create list 
1. Open the existing list 
2. Click the ADD icon in the upper right margin 
3. Select the search you would like from the "Add a Record to File" box that appears. The search will match your review file such as item, bib or patron. You would either scan the barcode, or enter the search term. Hint: You can also scan book barcodes to add them to your review file, so you can make changes to a group of books. 
4. Enter the information from the item or patron you want to add. Click on Search to bring up the information. 
5. Determine if this is the record you wish to add and click on “Use bibliographic record” or "Use Item Record" or "Use Patron Record." 
6. The record is added to the bottom of the create list