Create Lists - Enhanced Mode to Add Barcodes

Scanning barcodes into Create Lists can be done using the Create Lists Enhanced mode. 

  1. Go to the Create Lists Function.
  2. Open a review file that will match the Max Records for the barcodes you want to scan.
  3. Highlight the Review File and click the Search Records button.
  4. Enter the "Review File Name."
  5. Under "Store Record Type,” choose "ITEM." Select "Enhanced" mode.
  6. For search strategy: "select type" enter "ITEM" (i), or type the letter i. Click OK.
  7. For search strategy: "select field" enter "BARCODE" (b), or type the letter b. Click OK.
  8. For search strategy: "select operator" enter "in" (i), or type the letter i.  Click OK.
  9. At blank space, scan a barcode.  
  10. You can scan a barcode into each new line, but you will need to mouse-click on the "+" symbol at the right of the barcode you scanned to add the new line after each barcode is scanned.  Note: a barcode scanner can be configured to help with the process.  Click on the "Programming Scanner for Barcodes to Create Lists.doc" to download the instructions (see below).
  11. If you have an extra line after scanning all the barcodes, click on the "X" at the right of the last line to delete the empty line. Clicking on the “X” will help avoid getting extra records into the review file.
  12. Click on "Search" when finished.

Note:  Click on the "Programming a barcode scanner to add barcodes to Create List.docx" file to print off a list of barcodes to scan to program your barcode scanner.  To reset your barcode scanner back to default, you can use the Recall Defaults barcode on this document. This will reset the scanner to factory default settings. 

Updated 10/27/2017