Create Lists - Flip an item List to a Bib List

Here are the instructions on how to create a new list of bibs using the list of items.
In this example, we are going to create a list of items first.
1) Open an empty review file. Make sure to type the two to three letter code for your library, as well as the title of the review file.
2) You will change Store Record Type to Item.
3) Under Type choose Item.
4) Under Field choose Location.
5) Under Condition choose equal to.
6) Under Value A, you will type in the code for your location, or you can search for the location.
7) Once you found the code, you will click the Search button.
Note: Make note of the review file number. You will need it in just a moment.
8) Go to an empty review file, and do another search.
9) Again, this is where you would type the two to three letter code for your library, and name the review file.
10) The Store Record Type will remain Bibliographic.
11) Change from Range to Review. This is where you will find the review file from earlier.
12) Click Search.

To make viewing the review files together a little easier, I change the review files from Empty to Complete.This will show all the completed review files. I also arranged the review files by Create Date, so both review files show up at the top. The Type will show as both bib and item.

You have just created a new review file of bibs using the list of items. This process can also be done using Order or CheckIn as well.