Create Lists - Import Records Button (Record Numbers Only)

The Import Records feature is used to import record numbers into a review file in Sierra.  The records numbers need to be saved in file with a .txt or .csv extension. Use Notepad, or save the file as .txt with Word.  This will work for Bibliographic, Item, and Patron record numbers.

  1. Go to Create Lists to use the Import Records function.
  2. Find a review file that will fit the number of records.
  3. Click Import Records.
  4. Fill in the Review File Name.  
  5. Pick the Store Record Type (Bibliographic, Item, or Patron) to match the records you want to import. Important: the record numbers must include the leading letter (b, i, p).
  6. Click the Choose File button.
  7. Find your file. Click Load.
  8. The record numbers will show up on the screen. The review file number will be listed.  
  9. Click Import.
  10. Go to the review file number to check the import.

Last updated on 10/29/218