Create Lists - JSON Reusing a Search

The JSON feature in Create Lists can be used for many different reasons:

  1. To redo a search in Create Lists
  2. To run a very similar search
  3. To redo a search that did not work correctly
  4. To redo a search on a different record type
  5. You realize you made an error in a search, and you want to cancel it.  However, canceling means you cannot get the search back with Use Existing Search.  This is when JSON can be the most helpful.

This process can be from a saved JSON search, or by copying JSON from an existing search.

Copying a Search

  1. Find the review file that you would like to copy.
  2. Highlight the review file.
  3. Click on the Show Info button.
  4. This will bring up the search information.  Click JSON.
  5. This will show the search in JSON format.
  6. Put your cursor anywhere on the text in the JSON box.  Use the keyboard command Ctrl A (highlight all), and Ctrl C (copy all).
    • Now you need to decide if you are going to redo the search using the same review file, or redo the search using an empty review file.  If you redo the search using the same review file, you will get a message warning you that you are about to overwrite the file.
  7. In this example, we are going to use an empty review file.  Make sure to try to pick a review file that has the current number of records that will match your search. You will need to click the Search Records button to start the search process.
  8. You will have to fill in the Review File Name, and make sure to pick the Store Record Type for your search.  
    • Note: The default Store Record Type will be Bibliographic.  This is a difference from Use Existing Search.  Use Existing Search will take the record type from the search you copied.
    • Note: If you change the record type after you paste in the JSON, it will delete the JSON.  You always have to paste after you set the record type.
    • Note: If you are reusing a review file, the Review File Name will already be filled out.  You will just need to change the Store Record Type, if your search is not Bibliographic.
  9. Click on the JSON tab.  Next, you would remove the two brackets {  }.
  10. Click anywhere in the JSON box, and use the keyboard command Ctrl V (paste).  Your JSON search will appear in the box.
  11. Depending on what you want to do with this search, you would click either Search or Classic. Clicking Search will begin the search.  Clicking Classic will allow you to make changes to the search with the familiar interface. In this example, we are going to click Classic.
  12. When clicking Classic, you can see and edit any of the fields.  Click Search when you have finished making your edits.
  13. If this were a search strategy you will need in the future, you can paste the JSON search into Notepad and save it.  You can reuse this search at anytime.