Create Lists - Patron Record Property Fields Definitions (Data Fields, Holds, Fines & Bookings)

Some fields in Create Lists store record properties from your system's database. You can search on these fields just as you do with standard fixed-length and variable-length fields. In some cases, the fields duplicate data found in the standard fields.   The property fields for patron records appear in the Data FieldsHoldsFines, and Bookings tabs

Data Fields Tab

Field Name Description
Telephone The patron's primary phone number.
Telephone2 The patron's alternative phone number.
Address1 The patron's full primary address.
Address2 The patron's full secondary address.


How Sierra Stores Patron Name Fields
(The standard format for keying a patron name is <last name>, <first name> <middle name or initial>)

Field Name Description
Name Prefix A word or abbreviation that appears before the patron's first name. For example, "Mr."
First Name The patron's first name.
Middle Name The patron's middle name.
Last Name The patron's last name.
Name Suffix A word or abbreviation that appears after the patron's last name. For example, "Jr."
Full Name The Sierra system populates this field with the patron's name in the form <prefix> <last name>, <first name> <middle name> <suffix>.


Holds Tab

Field Name Description
Hold Patron The patron requesting the hold.
Hold Record The record on which the hold was placed.
Hold Placed The date the hold was placed.
Hold Frozen Specifies whether the hold is frozen (suspended).
Hold Delay The "not wanted before" date as a number of days after the date the hold was placed. The maximum value is "180". If a "not wanted before" date was not specified, the value is '0'. 
Hold Location The location code for bib or volume-level holds. Blank for item holds. 
Hold Expires The Not needed after date. 
Hold Status

The hold status.

Code                Definition 
0                       On hold. 
b                       Bib hold ready for pickup. 
j                        Volume hold ready for pickup. 
i                        Item hold ready for pickup. 
t                        Bib, item, or volume in transit to pickup location. 

Hold Ir Specifies whether the hold is an INN-Reach hold. 
Hold Pickup Location The pickup location code.
Hold ILL Specifies whether the hold is an ILL hold (Marmot does not current have this module enabled)
Hold Note A free-text note field.
Hold Ir Pickup Location The INN-Reach pickup location code.
Hold Ir Print Name The INN-Reach print name.
Hold Ir Delivery Stop Name The INN-Reach delivery stop name.
Hold Ir Converted Request Specifies whether the hold is a converted INN-Reach request. Item and patron belong to the same Local Server. Converted to standard circulation transaction at Remote Site Check-Out.


Fines Tab (Create Lists can search only for information about outstanding fines.)

Field Name Description
Fine Patron The patron to whom the fine applies.
Fine Assessed The date the fine was assessed. Note that if the fine is a reinstated fine, this field reflects the date the fine was reinstated and not the original date the fine was assessed. 
Fine Invoice Num The fine's invoice number. For fine adjustment entries (charge type = 4), this column contains the invoice number of the original fine.
Fine Item Charge

If the fine type is:     This field contains: 
overdue                      The fine amount. 
replacement bill          The portion of the fine that is the charge for the item. 
adjustment                  The original fine amount. 


Fine Processing Fee If the fine type is:      This field contains: 
replacement bill          The portion of the fine that is the processing fee. 
adjustment                  The original processing fee. 
Fine Billing Fee If the fine type is:      This field contains: 
replacement bill          The portion of the fine that is the billing fee. 
adjustment                  The original billing fee. 
Fine Charge Code Code                           Definition 
1                                  manual charge 
2                                  overdue 
3                                  replacement 
4                                  adjustment (OVERDUEX) 
5                                  lost book 
6                                  overdue renewed 
7                                  rental 
8                                  rental adjustment (RENTALX) 
9                                  debit 
a                                  notice 
b                                 credit card 
p                                 program (i.e., Program Registration) 
Fine Charge Location If the fine type is:     This field contains: 
automatic                   The location that owns the item. 
manual                       The location where the charge was created. 
adjustment                 The location where the charge was manually entered. 
Fine Paid Date The date the fine was paid or, if the action was an adjustment, the current date. 
Fine Terminal Num The statistics group from which the fine was paid or adjusted. 
Fine Paid Amount If partial payment is accepted as full payment, the amount of the partial payment appears here. 
Fine Initials The Sierra username used to authorize the fine payment or adjustment. 
Fine Created Code Code        Definition 
a              automatic 
m             manual 
x              adjustment 
Fine Print Bill Specifies whether the finespaid file adds fine-payment entries to the bills2print file. 
Fine Description If the fine type is:       This field contains: 
manual                        The reason for the charge. 
adjustment                  The reason for the initial charge. 
Fine Item The item for which the fine is assessed.
Fine Checkout Date The checkout date of the item for which a fine was assessed. 
Fine Due The due date of the item for which a fine was assessed. 
Fine Returned Date The date the item (for which a fine was assessed) was returned. 
Fine Loanrule The code number of the loan rule under which the item was checked out. 
Fine Title Title of the item associated with the charge. 
Fine Original Patron The original patron record to which the fine was assessed.
Fine Original Transfer Date Date of the original transfer.
Fine Previous Invoice The previous invoice number. If no previous invoice number is present, the field displays "0".


Bookings Tab

Field Name Description
Booking Item The item booked.
Booking Patron The patron who placed the booking.
Booking Created The date the booking was placed.
Booking Start The date the booking starts.
Booking End The date the booking ends.
Booking Type A code identifying the method used to place the booking.
Booking Prep The date and time at which the booked item becomes unavailable. 
Booking Location The location code associated with the booking. 
Booking Note A free-text note field. 
Booking Event The event name associated with the booking.