Create Lists - System Generated Files

System Generated Create Lists Files

There are a specific number of review files available for use by Marmot libraries.  Unseen by users are system generated review files with bucket numbers greater than the number shown.  These “hidden” files are generated by the system in a variety of ways.  Some are created when using Sierra cataloging to print spine labels and some system generated files. 

Here are some scenarios: 

  1. The system can create a review file of busy records when you are doing global updates. 
  2. The system can create a review file when you are doing a batch load of bibs.
  3. You have queued spine labels for batch printing.

 These system generated review files do not delete automatically and will gradually increase in number, making it difficult to find the file you need.  Those of us who use this functionality are responsible for removing our files from the list of “hidden” ones.

Here is how to move "hidden" files to empty review files & remove the "hidden" files:

  1. In Create Lists, select an empty review file that matches the number of records from the "hidden" file.
  2. Click the “copy” icon in the group on the top right of the screen.
  3. This opens a smaller window with the list of files that contain records.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and the system generated files are listed.
  5. Find your file – it is helpful to know the name of the file of records that you loaded since that is the only identifying piece of information.  The files created during record loads are divided into “Inserted records” and “Overlaid records.”  The files of “Labels for batch printing” do include the login that was used.  The name of the files created during Global updating start with “Global Update.” The number in parenthesis ( ) is the number of records in the file.
  6. Highlight the file you want to copy and click “OK.”
  7. Answer “YES” to the warning message “Do you want to remove the file being copied from?”  This is the only way to remove or delete this file from the list.
  8. Now find the file in the list of Marmot review files, either by number or by name.
  9. At this point, you can rename the list so that it has some meaning, more than “Load: Inserted records for…” or you can empty the review file.

System generated review files will be removed periodically by Innovative.