INN-Reach Bibtemp File is Full Message

The message “Bibtemp File is Full” happens because some leftover virtual records need to be cleared that are clogging up the check-in. Cleaning up the leftover virtual records usually starts with the too long reports. Once the too long reports data has been resolved, the message will go away.

  1. Go to INN-Reach–Reports Function in Sierra.
  2. Choose the Report Type of Returned too long.  
  3. Sort by Item Location.  The Minimums can be left as 1.
  4. Click Prepare when ready.
  5.  Once the report appears on the screen sort it by Home Library.  Look for the items item from your library.
  6. Right click on one of the items to bring up the View Detail/Remove Delete pop-up.  Click on View Detail.
  7. Look at the information in the box with the Central Item Status. If it is anything other than @, it should be removed.
  8. Right click the line for the item that needs to be removed. 
  9. Click Remove Item.
  10. Logout and log back into Sierra to see the changes.  The message “Bibtemp Fill is Full” should be gone.