INN-Reach/Prospector Check In Issues

1) Prospector slip does not print correctly when checked in. 
  • You may have to write down the information manually
2) Barcode will not scan
  • a) Add the letter b to the front of the barcode
  • b) Add the letter p or x to the end of the barcode
  • c) Add 9jcpp to the end of a Jeffco item
  • d) Add 9 to the end of the barcode
  • e) Do not include the letters at the end of the Prospector or Mobius barcodes
  • f) If none of this works you may have to send the item back. You can also use the Prospector contact list to call or email the loaning library contact.
3) INN-Reach checkout that affects checked in items
  • After correctly checking out the item using the INN-Reach function, make sure not to check it in again using the Check In (No Patron) function.  This will cancel the Prospector Hold.
4) Prospector returned item cannot be checked out or deleted.
  • You have checked in one of your items that was returned from a Prospector hold, but it states the item is still checked out. This usually occurs when the borrowing library does not check the item into their system.  
  • Change the item status to @ PRSPCTR OFFCMP. Save your work.
  • Check the item in using the Check In (No Patron) function.

Updated 04.06.2021