INN-Reach/Prospector Tips & Tricks

ICode 2

When you have specific items that you wish to keep from being part of the Prospector database, please use icode2 = p in the item record. The code of "p" in the special use field of the bib records should not be used if there are items for other libraries attached to that bib. It should only be used if your item is the only one attached.

This policy only applies to Marmot members who are participating in Prospector. In other words, none of the school district members should feel compelled to put the "p" code in either their item records or in their bib records. Also our three public libraries who are also not part of Prospector do not need to use the codes to keep their materials out of Prospector. Prospector does that work for us by knowing which sets of location codes should be extracted from Marmot's database for inclusion in the Prospector database. Please contact the Marmot help desk if you have questions.


Prospector with peer-to-peer sharing with the Mobius system had a few parameters within Marmot that needed to be adjusted.
Please take note of the following changes to four specific itypes:
itype 220, formerly used for "non-circulating pop-up books," has been reassigned to itype 171
itype 225, formerly used for "textbook semester 1," has been reassigned to itype 126
itype 220 is now labeled "Prospector-Mobius Books"
itype 225 is now labeled "Prospector-Mobius AV"

These two itypes, 220 and 225, are not to be assigned to any of our materials. They'll be used when there is an interaction between Prospector and Mobius that affects materials in Marmot libraries.

INN-Reach Reports

All the INN-Reach reports need to be run on a regular basis.