IT Services - Adobe Releases & Updating Computers

When Adobe releases an update, the update packages for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are not always out the same day (or even for a few days). Our advice is always to try a different browser, since another browser may be updated. 
Aside from that, computers must go through different maintenance cycles during the week to get different updates. Currently, we have two nights (Sunday and Wednesday) set for software updates (Flash, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and two nights set for Windows updates. Once the Flash update package becomes available, it is deployed on the next update cycle. Chrome and Firefox happen on the software update nights, while Internet Explorer happens during Windows updates. 
Flash is one of IT Services' pain points. It was labeled obsolete and slated to be replaced years ago, but a lot of big companies refuse to move on. The reason Flash is such an issue, is that it has a lot of security flaws that result in frequent patches. Once a patch is released, it immediately throws the error of "You must update Flash..."
IT Services always looks at ways of pushing out updates closer to release, as well. Keeping security and standardization in mind, and that we have 1100+ computers to update, means that an automated patch management system is the only reasonable way to accomplish updates. With so many pieces of software that receive constant updates, there will always be a small gap of time before those updates are applied. Flash just happens to be one of the only pieces of software that stops working if the update is not applied.