IT Services - Applications or Programs Not Showing on Desktop

If an app or program, such as Sierra, will not show on the desktop when opened:

Left click twice in the lower right-hand corner of the taskbar. (To the right of the Date and time)

This will hide and then re-show all open items that are on the desktop.  If you right-click once in the same place, it will bring up a small menu, allowing you to either peek at the desktop, or to outright show it.  Left clicking, or selecting the option again after right-clicking a second time, will return all items to visibility.

If this process does not get the app or program to show, close the app/program and reopen it.  If this still does not get it to show,  look for the CCleaner icon on your desktop.

CCleaner icon.JPG

Once CClearner is located, double click and run it (full instructions provided elsewhere), then reboot the computer.