Marmot Website Updates

Changes to the Website (Google Doc)

Changes to Website for 10/04/2017

Changes to the Homepage

  • The color scheme was changed (Thank you, Pascal!!)

  • The R & D, User Services and IT Services buttons and side bar announcements have been changed to Announcements.


  • The Announcements have an RSS feed, a page slider and a Read More button.  Soon the announcements will include any important decisions and committee updates.


  • We have added a footer with the links you will find under About Us and For Members.  Other links from User Services have been added as well.

New Documentation

IT Services Documentation & Training

  • IT Services - Applications or Programs Not Showing on Desktop

  • IT Services - Monitor Issues

  • IT Services - Network/Internet Issues

  • IT Services - Printer Issues

Pika Documentation & Training

  • Pika - Adding Covers in Pika

  • Pika Configuration - Interlibrary Loaning

Sierra Documentation & Training

  • Cataloging - Field Group Tags

  • Create Lists – Sierra Fixed Field Item Definitions

  • Pika Export Fields from Sierra

Marmot Member Library Statistics

  • Buena Vista Lends vs Borrows

  • Buena Vista Monthly Transactions

  • Buena Vista Dashboard

  • Colorado Mesa University Borrows

  • Garfield Age of Collection

  • Garfield Borrows by Branch

  • Garfield Collection Reports

  • Garfield Transaction by i-types

  • Garfield Transaction by Location

  • Garfield New and Active Patrons

  • Grand Dashboard

  • Telluride Dashboard

  • Vail Attendance

  • Vail Circ Dashboard

  • Vail Patron Dashboard

Changes made to for 08.04.2017

The information available to members under the For Member link has been organized by categories.  We have a new page for IT Services Documentation and Training.  We have a new page for Marmot Member Library Statistics. We have also included a new form to make suggestions or comments about the website.

The new categories on the For Members page are Committee & Governance, Documentation and Training, Forms, Library Statistics and Other Marmot Member Information.

Here is a look at the IT Services Documentation and Training page list under For Members.

The Marmot Member Library Statistics are for libraries that are working with Brandon Cole to create statistics using the Tableau program. These statistics are displayed in two places.

  1. For Members page under Marmot Member Library Statistics.  You limit by library and report.


  1. Under the For Members page or About  page is the Member Libraries page.  Click on this page to see a list of all the Marmot Members.  You would click on the link for your library.  At the bottom of the page is a list of all your statistics.

Documentation added to the New IT Services Documentation and Training page.

A big “thank you” to the IT Services team for creating this documentation.

  • IT Services - Adobe Releases & Updating Computers
  • IT Services - CCleaner Instructions
  • IT Services - Common Ports and Plugs
  • IT Services - Honeywell Scanner Configuration
  • IT Services - How to Use the Marmot Ticket System
  • IT Services - Managed Laptop Guide
  • IT Services - Metrologic Scanner Configuration
  • IT Services - Reconnect Internal Speakers
  • IT Services - Updating a Marmot Helpdesk Ticket

New Documentation for the Pika Documentation and Training page

  • Pika Issue - Displaying Wrong Cover Art or Description

Updates to the Sierra Documentation and Training page

  • New documentation - Sierra How to Find the PID Number to Reset a Sierra Session
  • Renaming of files for Sierra Documentation & Training
  • The Import Records has been changed to Import Records Button (Record Numbers Only)
  • The Review File List of Barcodes has been changed to Importing Barcodes.


There is the new form on the For Members page to suggest new documentation, or comment on the changes to the website.  


Committee Chairs now show on the committee pages.

Upcoming Plans

  • A drop down menu to choose people by their Marmot roles (i.e. patron placed holds contact)
  • Announcement page with committee updates & decisions
  • Documentation on the holds process
  • Usability Study on the changes to the website

Changes to Website for 07/07/2017
Under the For Members link is a new page for Pika Documentation & Training.

The Pika Documentation and Training page can limit your search by categories and/or Users.

Here is all the documentation that has been added to the Pika Documentation & Training page.

  • Pika - Accessing Account Information (Video)
  • Pika - Add a Pika Search Box to Your Webpage
  • Pika - Author Enrichment (Cataloging)
  • Pika - Available Facets
  • Pika - Browse Categories
  • Pika - Browsing the Catalog (Video)
  • Pika - Catalog Enrichment by Source
  • Pika - Catalog/OPAC Overview/Pika Discovery Layer
  • Pika - Creating a List
  • Pika - Creating a Pika List from a Sierra Create Lists
  • Pika - Creating List Widgets
  • Pika - Creating List Widgets Training (Video)
  • Pika - Format Facet Logic
  • Pika - How to Search the Catalog (Video)
  • Pika - Linking Accounts
  • Pika - Materials Request Form (Admin)
  • Pika - Materials Request Form (Patron)
  • Pika - Merging Grouped Works (Cataloging)
  • Pika - Millennium Extract Format
  • Pika - Placing a Hold (Video)
  • Pika - Records To Not Merge (Cataloging)
  • Pika - Side Loading Pros and Cons
  • Pika - Side Loading Roadmap
  • Pika - Side Loading Using Marmot FTP Server
  • Pika - Student Reports
  • Pika - Using YouTrack
  • Pika Configuration - Basic Display and Location
  • Pika Configuration - CAS Single Sign On
  • Pika Configuration - Catalog Enrichment
  • Pika Configuration - Contact Links
  • Pika Configuration - DPLA
  • Pika Configuration - Facets
  • Pika Configuration - Fines/E-Commerce
  • Pika Configuration - Full Record Display
  • Pika Configuration - Gold Rush
  • Pika Configuration - Holdings Summary
  • Pika Configuration - Holiday Hours
  • Pika Configuration - ILS Account Integration (Holds)
  • Pika Configuration - ILS Account Integration (ILS Code - Ptypes)
  • Pika Configuration - ILS Account Integration (Logins & Barcodes)
  • Pika Configuration - ILS Account Integration (Self-Registration)
  • Pika Configuration - ILS Account Integration (User Profile)
  • Pika Configuration - Library System
  • Pika Configuration - Local Content Archives
  • Pika Configuration - Locations
  • Pika Configuration - Materials Request
  • Pika Configuration - OverDrive
  • Pika Configuration - Prospector
  • Pika Configuration - Records Owned & Records to Include
  • Pika Configuration - Searching
  • Pika Configuration - Sidebars Links and Header Links
  • Pika Configuration – WorldCat

Document added to the Sierra Documentation and Training page

  • Cataloging - Create List Using ISBNs

  • Sierra How to Find the PID Number to Reset a Sierra Session

Under Member Libraries, clicking on the library link you can now see the library’s phone number.



Upcoming Plans

  • A drop down menu to choose people by their Marmot roles (i.e. patron placed holds contact)

  • Addition of an IT Services Documentation and Training page

  • Announcement page with committee updates & decisions

  • Committee Pages will show the committee chairs

  • Documentation on the holds process

  • Form to suggest new documentation, or comment on the current documentation

  • Usability Study on the changes to the website

Changes made to on 06/08/2017

Under For Members & Committee and Task Forces.


The Discovery Committee documentation has labels to identify each link.  Training videos for each meeting have been added to the page.

The IT Maintenance Interest Group has been added.  They have a blog with RSS feed.  All the members are listed as well.

The User Services link has a sidebar menu with Marmot Member Information.


There is a link to the Marmot ticket system, and reasons to send in a ticket.

There is a section for E-Content and 3rd Party Vendors.

There is a section with Sierra Information & Mini IUG.

There is a section about Logs and Projects.

Under the For Members is a change to the Sierra Training & Help page.

The Sierra Training & Help has been changed to Sierra Documentation and Training.

The Sierra Documentation and Training page has a few more categories added to the drop down list. You can limit your search by any of these categories.

All the documents on the Sierra Documentation and Training are now Google Docs.

Here is all the new documentation that has been added to the Sierra Documentation & Training page.

  • Circa Inventory
  • Create Lists – Append a Review File
  • Create Lists – Enhanced Mode to Add Barcodes
  • Create Lists – Finding Patrons with Prospector Items
  • Create Lists – Grouping & UnGrouping Search Terms
  • Create Lists – Import Records
  • Create Lists – Items In Transit
  • Create Lists – JSON Reusing a Search
  • Create Lists – System Generated Files
  • Decision Center Reports
  • INN-Reach Bibtemp File is Full Message
  • INN-Reach Reports in Sierra
  • INN-Reach Title Report
  • INN-Reach/Prospector Check In Issues
  • INN-Reach/Prospector Tips & Tricks
  • Library Codes for Prospector Items
  • Library Courier Codes, Prospector Codes & Pickup Locations
  • Patron Placed Holds Help​
    • Patron Placed Holds Best Practices Document
    • Patron Placed Holds Libraries that accept replacements
    • Patron Placed Holds Reconciliation Policy and Procedures
    • Patron Placed Holds Workflow Document
  • Patron Placed Holds Pickup Locations
  • Peer-to-Peer with Mobius
  • Prospector Best Practices Document
  • Prospector Information for Marmot Members
  • Sierra Clear Expired Holds and Holdshelf Report
  • Sierra Installation on a Mac
  • Sierra Installation on a PC
  • Sierra Known Issues
  • Sierra looking up a patron by the .p number
  • Sierra Manual Access
  • Sierra Merging Duplicate Records
  • Sierra Prepare Overdues Report
  • Sierra Record Templates
  • Sierra Replacing a Hold
  • Sierra Statistics Function
  • Sierra Workflows

Other documentation added to

  • Agency Holds Project 2015
  • Authority Control RFQ 2016
  • Catalog Procedures for Non-OCLC Members
  • Create Lists Guidelines
  • eContent Shared Collection Development Guidelines
  • Electronic Resource Management and Discovery System (Gold Rush) 2014
  • Honeywell Scanner Configuration
  • LTI Authority Record Loading
  • Metrologic Scanner Configuration
  • PPH Workflow Presentation
  • P-type Migration Project 2014
  • OverDrive Documentation
  • Marmot OverDrive Support Form
  • OverDrive Help Menu
  • OverDrive Marketing Materials
  • OverDrive Resource Center
  • OverDrive Selecting and Purchasing Materials
  • OverDrive Staff Training Materials
  • Reindexing Project
  • Sierra Statistics Function Guidelines
  • Sierra Migration Project 2013

Upcoming Changes

  • Pika Admin documentation as well as other Pika documentation added to the website.

Changes made on 04/07/2017

For Members

  1. Governance contains all the information about the Board and Council

  2. Marmot Member Employee Information Form

    1. Can be used to let Marmot know when you have a new employee

    2. If that employee needs a Sierra login or computer login

    3. If that employee needs to join any of the committees

    4. Can be used to let Marmot know if an employee is no longer working for your library

  3. Marmot Users Group (MUG) has all the information from previous MUG conferences/workshops.  It will also contain any upcoming MUG information.

  4. Schedule of Fees is all the pricing for the ILS, Archive, IT Services and Professional Services. This was always available, but is now listed under the link For Members.

Committees and Task Forces

The Union Catalog Committee has all the links that were available on the wiki.  

IT Services Page

  • Listing of all the IT Service Staff
  • Link to Contact HelpDesk
  • Link to Marmot Ticket System
  • Link to a video on how to use the ticket system
  • Link to the IT Guides and Information documentation

Announcements Page

The new Announcement page will contain links to all the current as past announcements, as well as any press releases about Marmot.



Upcoming Changes

  • User Services Page

    • Documentation and information for Decision Center, INN-Reach/Prospector, OverDrive, eContent Documentation, Sierra cataloging documentation, Sierra guidelines or best practices, Sierra training materials and archived projects.

  • Pika Admin documentation as well as other Pika documentation added to the website

Changes made on 02/10/2017

The login link was removed from the homepage.  We had found a good number of people were trying to login to get to what they assumed was their library account.

Contact Us

We added the Contact Us link.

This link contains information on how to contact Marmot, as well as our office hours, after hours information, and holidays.  

For Members Link

The page label has been change to For Members.   We have added a link to the Committees and Task Forces page, and the Member Libraries page.

Committees and Task Forces

This link will lead you to a list of current committees and task forces.  


Each link will have the information about the committee.  It will contain a link to the meeting calendar, the committee members, and the documentation.  All the documentation is searchable.  You can click on the page to read the information, or download the documentation.  When available, there may also be links to videos and online documentation.


Sierra Training and Help

For now, the Sierra Training and Help only contains training materials for Sierra.  In time, training materials will be added for Pika, Prospector/INN-Reach, reports and statistics.

Training Courses

When you click on the link for Training and Help Materials for Sierra, you will see the Sierra Functions drop down menu.  You can narrow the materials to Training Courses.  

Changes made on 10/19/2016

The word Catalog has been replaced with Pika Discovery.

Clicking "here" or "Marmot Catalog" will lead you and patrons to a radio button list to pick your/their home library.

From this list, you can search the Union/Marmot catalog, or pick a library. The "Remember This" box is automatically checked.  Leaving it checked, will bring you to the catalog you picked every time you click on the Pika Discovery link (until you clear your cookies).

Clicking "here" or the "Pika Discovery Layer" will bring you to the About Pika page.

The Research & Development link has been changed to R & D.

The link has information about the Pika Discovery Layer, Digital Archives and Code Club.

Changes made on 10/12/2016

​ The Members Only link has been changed to For Members.

For Members page has training and help materials, training request form, as well as a link to the Marmot wiki.

The Training and Help Materials for Sierra has a drop down menu to limit the materials by functions.  Each page has written instructions, and may include a PDF (with screenshots), a doc file and a video.


The Members Libraries under About has been updated.

You can limit the list by of members by Discovery Partner, Full Member, IT Services or Archive Participant.

Each Marmot Library will have the following items filled out about your main library, and list any library branch addresses and codes.  The Pika and Library Website are links.

Each person from your library who has a Marmot Role, or who is on a Committee will be linked to your library page.


Upcoming Changes

  • Committee & Task Force Pages

    • All the Minutes will be searchable

    • You will no longer need to go to the Marmot wiki site to see the minutes