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Patron Placed Holds - (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How will I know if an item I find in the Marmot catalog is available to borrow through Marmot-wide holds?
  • A:The Marmot catalog will display a message on the screen that tells you no copies are available to request. At this point, you still have options. Check with a librarian who can request the item for you from libraries outside of the Marmot system.
  • Q: If the item I want is checked out in my home library system, can I still request it through Marmot-wide holds?
  • A: Absolutely. That is the beauty of the system. You no longer have to wait for your library's copy to be returned. When you place a hold on the title, the system will first look for copies in your local library. If all copies are checked out, the system will request an available copy from another Marmot library.
  • Q: Can I place a Marmot-wide hold myself online or do I need to fill out a form? (or see a librarian?)
  • A:You now have the freedom to request a copy of any title you find in Marmot electronically without any staff intervention.
  • Q: How long does my book check out for?
  • A: For Marmot checkouts, the due date will be determined by the loaning library's checkout period. If your home library has a two week checkout period on books and the copy you receive is from a library where the checkout period is three weeks, your copy will be due back in three weeks.
  • A: For Prospector checkouts, there is a site wide prospector rule that determines the checkout periods. Prospector loan policy.
  • Q: When is a book overdue and to whom do I pay fines?
  • A: A book is overdue when it has reached the end of its lending period. That period is determined by the owning library. If you pay overdue fines, the fines will be collected by the library where you return the item. Marmot libraries will periodically meet to make sure all libraries are fairly compensated.
  • Q: Why don't any Marmot libraries loan DVDs?
  • A: Many Marmot libraries do. Others have determined that local demand is too great to be able to share their collection throughout Marmot.
  • Q:What do I do if I place a Marmot-wide hold and never receive the item I've requested?
  • A:Library staff run daily reports to monitor waiting times for outstanding requests. If you feel you have been waiting longer than you expected for an item to be received, you should contact your local library. They'll be happy to check on the status of your requests.
  • Q:Where do I pick up the item I've requested?
  • A:Your item will be sent to the library you designated as a pickup location when you placed the hold.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive the item I've requested?
  • A:There are many factors to consider. If all the copies of the title you requested are checked out throughout the Marmot system, the time will be extended. When you place a hold, your request is added to a queue in the order it was received. If other requests are ahead of you, your wait will be longer. If there are copies available and your request is first in the queue, you should receive your copy within five business days.

Last updated on 05/03/2018