Peer-to-Peer with Mobius

The Colorado Alliance has embarked on an exciting new project to connect Prospector to the Mobius INN-Reach system in Columbia, Missouri. Mobius, a 501(3)C Non-profit Consortium based out of Columbia, MO, has 71 members, which include 61 academic libraries, 5 public libraries, 2 special libraries, the Missouri State Library, and 2 Associate Members, serving a total of 168 physical branches.

If a patron does not find what he/she is looking for in Prospector, there will be a button in Prospector to search for the item in the Mobius catalog. If the item is found in Mobius, the patron can place the request, just as they would place a request in Prospector. They will authenticate with the appropriate information and select a pickup location for delivery.

Mobius Contact List