Pika - Grouping ID

Every grouped work has a unique Grouped Work ID associated with it.  All data related to grouped works will be based on that Grouped Work ID.  In other words, the Grouped Work ID identifies the grouped work. Since everything is based on grouped work, the Grouped Work ID is important. Any user-generated data like ratings and reviews are based on the grouped work and attached to the Grouped Work ID. Building a list is based on grouped work.  Under the Cataloging tab, the grouped work merging uses the Grouped Work ID. The Grouped Work ID is located in the Staff View in Pika.  This information is on each grouped work page.  The location of the Grouped Work ID depends on if you are looking at the grouped work view or individual full record view.

Grouped Work ID from the Grouped Work View.


Grouped Work View Staff View section for Grouped Work ID.

Grouped Work ID from Individual Record View. 


Individual Record View for Grouped Work ID.