Sierra Browse Query

Browse Query is available under Search/Holds. It can also be found in the Sierra Functions of Acquisitions (Place Order & Browse Invoices), Catalog, Course Reserve and Serials (Checkin, Checkin Bound and Receive).

Use Browse Query for quick searches when you do not want to tie up a Create Lists review file or bucket, or you do not need to retain the information or make changes to the items in the review file in Create Lists. Once you close out of Browse Query, your search will be gone. Browse Query can be used for any search done in Create Lists up to 5000 records.

  1. Click on Search/Holds Function.
  2. Click Tools and Browse Query from the top menu of Sierra.This will bring up the Browse Query pop-up box. In Browse Query will allow you to view information about many different record types created within Sierra.
  3. For this example, we will look for a patron using an email address.
    • Change the Store Record Type to PATRON p.
    • Double click in the box under Type to bring up the Select Me pop-up box. This is were you would click on PATRON.
    • Double click in the box located below Field. This will bring up the Select Me pop-up box where you can scroll down to the EMAIL ADDR. Click on EMAIL ADDR. Click OK.
    • Double click on the box located below Condition. This will again bring up the Select Me pop-up box. If you know the entire email address you can click equal to. If you only know part of the email you can pick has. In this example, we will use the equal to condition. Click equal to. Click OK.
    • In the Value A field you could type the email address of the patron. Clicking on Value B will put the information in a search term in the box. Click Search.
  4. The Results page will list the patron with that email. You can click on the Select button to gain access to the patron’s account. You can also double click on the patron record to gain access. You can also edit the patron’s information from the Browse Query results. You can also hover over the i in a circle to see information about the patron.
  5. Once you click on Close, your search will be gone. Unlike Create Lists, the information is not stored in a review file.

Updated 03/14/2018