Sierra Clear Expired Holds and Holdshelf Report

Important to run on a regular basis to keep the virtual holdshelf and actual holdshelf in sync.

From the Function menu, click on the Clear Expired Holds and Holdshelf.

This will bring up a screen that defaults to your library locationDO NOT change this default. Otherwise, you will be clearing holds for the entire consortium. 

You can run the Expired holds and holdself separately or together.  You can also run the INN-Reach Holdself report.

  • Expired holds and holdshelf will clear all defunct holds.
  • Expired holds will clear only holds for which the Not Wanted After date on the hold has passed. Note that these holds do not include in-transit held items with an expired Not Wanted After date, which are automatically cleared the next time the item is checked in.
  • Holdshelf will clears only items on the holdshelf that are cancelled or unclaimed (that is, the hold has remained on the holdshelf past its Pick Up By date).
  • Specify the pickup location(s) of the defunct holds you want to clear. To do so, select one of the following in the Location pane: <Your library's pickup location>Clears defunct holds at pickup locations that are part of your library's Locations Served. This option displays if your login has an associated Locations Served value. All locationsClears defunct holds at all locations. Select locationClears holds for a specific location from the Branches table. This option requires you to choose a location from the Select Location drop-down list.
  • After running a report, Choose Clear.
    • The system will clear the holds.
    • Displays the Cleared Holds Summary Report.
    • Disables the Clear button to prevent the cleared holds report from being deleted before it is printed.
  • Close the report. The system does the following:
    • If you have not yet printed the Cleared Holds Detail Report, the system prompts you to print it.
    • If you have printed the Cleared Holds Detail Report, the system:
      • Removes the Cleared Holds Summary Report from the screen.
      • Restores the Clear button.
      • Restores the default selections for the hold type and location.
  • If the Cleared Holds Detail Report indicated that any defunct holds did not clear, wait at least five minutes and then attempt to clear the defunct holds that remain.

Sierra clears the expired holds from the holdshelf and from the associated patron records, and displays a summary and table view of the items awaiting removal from the holdshelf. Return the items to their owning institution.