Sierra How to Find the PID Number to Reset a Sierra Session

When you click on Sierra and get the error message, “All ports in use” or "No user licenses" this probably means that your Sierra session is in use.

Each site is designated a certain number of Sierra sessions. If your computer recently crashed and was rebooted, our server may still think that you are using that session. There are several ways to free up a session for you to use:

  • If you can wait for 10 minutes, the session may time out and allow you to log back into Sierra.
  • You can use the Task Manager to close the Java (TM) Platform SE binary box and then double-click on Sierra to log in again.

  • You can also close another Sierra session at your site, as long as it is using the same login.
  • You can call the Marmot Help Desk to have us manually free the session.

When calling Marmot Help Desk to free a session, you may be asked to look for the PID number of any active sessions that you do not want to be shut down.   

Here is how to find the Sierra PID number.  Go to Help and About on the Sierra top menu bar.

This will bring up the About Sierra box. In order to make sure we reset the correct session, we may ask you for the PID number. The Server PID [number] is second from the bottom.


Last updated 07.22.2021