Sierra looking up a patron by the .p number

Looking up a patron by the .p number or patron number

There are times when a library staff member might have the patron number and not the name of the patron. The .p number or patron number is randomly assigned by the Sierra system when a patron account is created.  The .p number is located on the patron's account. Note: The patron number (.p) can be found on the item record under last patron. It can also be found in the item claimed returned message. In this example, we are going to use p21620404.

Go to the Function Check Out (Circulation Desk)

Sierra Check Out (Circulation Desk)

Click on the Search button to the left of the screen. 
Sierra Click Search


This will bring up the "Find a patron" box. Change b PATRON BARCODE to .RECORD #
Sierra Record Number  From Search Drop Down


Type the patron number making sure to include the p. If you do not have the check digit, you can type a (p2162040a) at the end of the number. Click Search
Sierra Type In The Patron Number And Click Search


This will bring up the patron's record. 
Sierra Patron Number Search Results

Optional Steps

The patron number can be viewed in the patron's record to make sure it is the correct patron.

Click View located at the under the FUNCTION Check Out (Circulation Desk)
Sierra Patron Number Click View

A box will pop-up with View Patron Record. The patron number is displayed two places. 
Sierra Patron Number Verification