Sierra Prepare Overdues Report

  1. Log into Sierra. From the drop-down Function menu, click on Prepare Overdues Report.
  2. Use on the drop-down arrow next to HOME LIBR to choose the desired library. When a library has only one HOMEROOM it will automatically populate.  Libraries with multiple Homerooms it will default to ALL.  Use the drop-down arrow to limit to a specific homeroom.  
  3. Once a HOME LIBR is chosen, click Prepare Reports.
  4. Once the Prepare Reports button has been clicked, the report will appear.  
  5. In the upper right corner, select EXPORT to export the data to Excel.  There will be a pop-up box with the options to Open in Excel, Print to a file, Save as comma separated or Save as tabbed text.
  6. Select E-mail Printer.  Click OK.  This From email, the list can be printed or emailed to the homeroom teacher so students can be reminded to return their overdue items.  Type the email address of the person who should receive the report.  
  • For academic libraries, this report is a way to get a list of overdue materials without running the notices.  Some academic libraries include a home room code in their ILL patron records so this report is a quick way to monitor overdue ILL items.
  • NOTE: The first report of the day will see the following progress bar when the Create Report button is clicked.  This will take about 10 minutes.
  • Note: This report can also be viewed in Pika as Student Reports.  You may need permissions added to our Pik login.  Contact Marmot, if you want access to this report.