Sierra Removing Negative Fines from Patron Records

A fine remains on a patron's record until one of the following happens:
• You collect money from the patron.
• You waive the fine.
When a fine is removed from a patron's record, the system does the following:
  1. Removes the fine from the patron's Fines tab display.
  2. Subtracts the paid amount from the MONEY OWED field in the patron's record.
  3. Cancels any unsent bill or fine notices associated with the fine.
  4. If the fine is a bill (charge type Lost or Replacement), changes the billed item's STATUS to '$' (LOST and PAID) and adds a note to the item record indicating the patron who paid the bill and the payment amount.
  5. Adds the fine to the patron's paid fines. (Note that it can take up to 30 seconds for the payment to appear in the Fines Paid dialog.)
Removing Negative Fines
Under certain circumstances, the system credits patron records for partial payments made on a billed item and displays a negative number in the MONEY OWED field of the patron record, indicating that it is the library that owes the patron money.
To remove a negative fine from an individual patron record:
  1. Add a manual charge for the patron with the same amount as the negative charge.
  2. Select the positive and negative charges.
  3. Waive the two fines.
  4. Both fines are now cleared from the system.