Sierra Replacing a Hold

Replacing holds: 
If you need to cancel a hold that was triggered on one of your items, so that items do not go out on Patron Placed Holds (PPH), don't fret! 

  1. Note the patron's name and their home library. (Copy so you can paste the Patron’s name, and make note of their desired pick-up location) 
  2. Cancel the hold. 
  3. Get into the bib record. 
  4. Click "Bib-Level Hold." (Left Tab) 
  5. Click "Add Patron" and choose patron name, type (paste) the patron's name. Here is where the Home Library info is important: some patrons have multiple cards. 
  6. In the next pop-up window, make sure to change the Pick-up Location from your library to the patron's home library. 
  7. When the hold is in place, change its priority to one, as the patron is entitled to be first in the list.
  8. Note: When changing priority do not sort the list.  This will make the Change Priority button unusable, or gray out the button.