Sierra Search/Holds - Basic Item Search

How to Search for Items Using the Search/Holds Function

1) Click on Search/Holds in Function dropdown menu.
2) Select an index for the search; such for t TITLE, b BARCODE, etc. Any index search can be chosen from the dropdown menu. Use the scroll bar to see more options.
3) (Optional) There are many different ways to limit a search. Limit by your location by clicking on the plus sign next to Search.
This will bring up the Limit box. Click on “WHERE item is located” to get a list of all the location codes of member libraries. Click on your library or a specific location code. By clicking on the box to “Apply limit to all searches,” the settings will stay until you change them or until you logout of Sierra. Remember to click on “Apply.”
4) Depending on the index that was chosen, type in a search term or title, barcode, etc.

Limiting – Format, Language, Locations and Phrase
- On the side bar of the results page will be more ways to limit a search. Limits can be set by Format, Language, Locations and Phrase.
- Click on the white arrows to expand or shrink each criteria.
- When an item is not available for check out or a hold it will have the words “Not Available.”
- Mousing over the i will show information about the item.
- Clearing limits can be done by clicking on the x under each facet.
- Once a list of items are on the screen, more information about an item can be seen by highlight the item. Click “Select.” Double clicking on the item will also bring up the item.
- Once the item is on the screen each member library who owns the item will be listed. The status of the item is located under the Due Date.