Minutes for 12/08/2015

ASC Web Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2015

1)P-type Renovation Project – update from Brandon

a.Public Libraries completed – Phase 1

i.Mesa Valley and Steamboat Valley schools are also complete

b.Academic Libraries Next – Phase 2

i.Beginning with Adams State this Friday, 12/11/15

ii.All but 1 library (CMU) will not be completed this month, due to construction

iii.Several public libraries are already using the pcode4 fields

iv.Some public libraries are adjusting loan rules and limiting special collections – Basalt, Eagle & Vail

v.New loan rules go into effect only when checked-out items are returned

vi.Emily (Bud Werner) – old loan rules were still applied until their self-checkouts were restarted. Make sure to restart your self-checkout units after migrating to new p-types.

2)Prospector Pricing Updates – Jimmy

a.Jimmy presented a spreadsheet detailing the costs of Prospector fees among participating libraries

b.Fees will increase for most Marmot libraries in the next 2 years and decrease for a few

c.Libraries may be able to reduce these costs by removing electronic collections from the catalog and side-loading those collections into Pika, resulting in reduced Bib Counts

i.However, if all libraries do this, Alliance will raise costs

d.In order to reduce their fees, CMC will put their eBook holdings in Pika, remove them from Sierra, and those items will no longer be available in Sierra or in Prospector

e.Disadvantages include:

i.Library staff can’t use Sierra search tools

ii.Staff can’t use Sierra side-loading records

iii.Staff can’t use Sierra Create Lists to manipulate side-loading records

iv.Staff can’t use Decision Center collection development reports of side-load records

v.Patrons can’t discover side-loaded records in Prospector

vi.Library administrators might overlook side-loading records for determining a Prospector price tier

vii.Patrons can’t discover side-loaded records in EDS or Summon Libraries can opt to do this or not

viii.Acquisitions gets complicated

f.Emily – How will fixing duplicates factor into this cost?

i.Jimmy – It may not happen quickly enough to take place this year

g.Four public libraries have determined that they will not make any changes in 2016: Englewood, Rampart, Buena Vista and Pine River

h.In 2017, Marmot will not be billing libraries for Prospector; Alliance will bill libraries directly at that time for all annual fees

3)View Outstanding Holds Report: call for use cases – Amanda (Salida)

a.Who uses the report and how?

i.Emily – These are holds that have not yet been fulfilled

ii.Bud Werner usually looks for bib records that do not have items attached

iii.Amanda – uses the report for similar issues and looks at item-level holds

iv.Amy (Garfield County) – Uses the report to find pending holds and replace holds if copies are not circulating. Amy will share a document with her instructions.

v.Eagle Valley and Mesa County use the report for similar purposes

vi.Emily – Pitkin County mentioned the report is cumbersome and there is not currently a good alternative, but it is important to run regularly

4)Hold Notice When the Item is Still In-Transit – Emily/Brandon

a.This seems to happen frequently with Telluride items

b.Once an item is in-transit to the borrowing library, patrons sometimes receive a “hold pickup” notice when their hold is still in-transit

c.Brandon has requested specific examples, but documenting those examples can be challenging

d.Brandon – The more recent the example, the better. Get as much information about the item as possible. A ticket has been opened in the past, but it became stagnant because there were not enough examples to study.

e.Brandon is following up with iii when instances of this problem arise.

f.Many different aspects could be causing this issue – possibly RFID pads or configuration issues

g.Brandon is looking into a setting that would suppress paging slips for items that are checked-out or unavailable (for any item not having the status of available or on-shelf)

h.Emily – part of the problem with this issue is that it is not persistent. You may only see one example of this every few months

i.iii’s CS Direct webpage suggests the problem could be caused by staff checking-in items “with a login whose location served does not include the pickup location where the item is currently on holdshelf.”

j.Please send Brandon any documentation of these issues so Marmot can investigate and resolve the problem


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, December 8
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