Minutes for 12/15/2015

Digital Archive Committee

1:00 - 2:30


Code4Lib announcement: Mark and Jordan submitted 2 proposals to present at the Code4Lib Conference and the session featuring our efforts on the Digital Archive was the most voted for session at this conference. Beyond the Bento Box: Using Linked Data and Smart Algorithms to Integrate Repository Data in Context will be presented in Philadelphia on March 8, 2016.  Registration is currently closed, but a one-day window will open up in Jan. for last minute registrations.

Tour of migrated data in Pika and Islandora/Activity Update: Mark and Jordan have been working on how to migrate Past Perfect repositories into Islandora and also feature it within Pika.  A tool was developed to facilitate migration and Eagle Valley’s Past Perfect data was migrated into Islandora.

Jordan featured Eagle’s collection in Islandora and demonstrated how users and associated permissions work in the administrative interface. We then had the pleasure of seeing Eagle’s collection on their test server.  Mark and Jordan are still fine-tuning metadata and OPAC displays.

Objectives for next sprint:

  • Working on how to handle the relationships between the people/places/events entities

  • Finish the migration of Eagle’s data

  • Migrate Ft. Lewis’ and Western’s Past Perfect data.

  • Once Bud Werner and Mesa have weighed in on Jordan’s metadata assessment, Jordan will begin to set up an administrative interface for these projects.

  • Work on Pika display and how to integrate the Explore More sidebar that we have seen on the mockups.

  • Tackle some foundational work

  • Get ready for Code4Lib Conference!

  • Jordan is working on migrating the data from our project website on Google into Marmot’s Drupal website.

Round robin project updates

  • Bud Werner received a $6630 grant to partially fund the transcription of their oral interviews.  Volunteers are reviewing completed transcripts for errors and Bud Werner staff are digitizing the magazines.

  • Karen at CCU now has digitized thesis’ ready to go when Marmot would like them.  Mark replied that they would most likely tackle this in the summer.

  • Lacey at Eagle is tickled to see their data online and thrilled about the Past Perfect migration.

  • Martha at Ft. Lewis has 10,000 tiff files ready to go for their Past Perfect migration

  • Matt at Mesa County has been working on their Veteran’s Remember videos and collecting the necessary metadata. Matt and his team also worked on Garfield’s Art Around Town project.  They shot 360° videos of Carbondale’s art and created a montage that is available on youTube.

  • Nicole at Western has 22,000 photos in Past Perfect and is looking forward to the upcoming migration into Islandora.

  • Sarah Francis from Garfield County just received a certificate in digital archives and part of her coursework included creating a Marmot Digital Archive Participation Policy.  This will be reviewed by the Board, amended as necessary,  and hopefully adopted.  Sarah is also hoping to do an internship with Marmot this summer.

  • Amy at Garfield County is working on the Art Around Town project now that Jordan works for Marmot and she is creating a budget for oral history transcriptions.

  • Lloyd at Ft. Lewis is also ready for the Past Perfect migration and is considering digitizing documents, notes, photos, etc., from an Anasazi archaeological dig that is not featured in any database.

  • Jo at Vail is working on capturing the oral histories of aging and failing residents. She has also purchased a scanner for their quilt project and has a potential volunteer in the wings.

  • Nicole from Adams State is working with the University to secure copyright permission for their thesis project.

Additions or comments, anyone?

  • Hard Drives -  As part of the Past Perfect migration Marmot discovered that FTPing large image files to our Islandora server destroyed the bandwidth for our hosting company. In the future, project files that are “data intensive” will most likely be ported to an external hard drive and shipped to our hosting company.  Marmot will work with individual libraries as to whether they need to implement this procedure.


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Tuesday, 2015, December 15
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