Meeting Minutes for 03/21/2017

Digital Archive Committee

Tuesday, March 21, 2017   1:00 – 2:00 PM

Islandora & Pika Updates (Pascal & Mark)

  • Detailed “accordion” – metadata display on archive objects

    • Pika Config options available under “Archive More Details”

    • Option to open/collapse by default in display

  • Display Mode: Related Obj/Entity display options in Pika config

    • Create URL for image link

  • Configuring search facets: Options for which search facets are displayed, whether they are open/closed, order of these options

    • All available in Pika Config >> Local Content Archive >>Archive Search Facets

  • Archive Copy Request Display: Choose which fields patron sees and which fields they must fill in (name, address, phone, etc.); choose urgency of each (hidden, optional, required)

    • Can turn off “request” form: check box under “Archive Copy Requests” in Pika config

  • Ability for users to sort options: title, newest first, date added, date modified, etc.

  • Customize “Browse” buttons on exhibit pages

    • MODS form collection level

    • >> Pika Options: Collection Display in Pika set to “Custom collection”

    • >> image 100x100 pixels,add, change image that displays with that button

  • Search by ‘described’ entity, browse by subject, etc.

  • Fixed display order in scrollers

    • Manage>>Datastreams>>MODS>>”options for collection homepages” >> scroller|library:Collection#

    • In collection you added to scroller, create PID list for correct order in “Order of Objects in MODS.

  • Display of  Wikipedia information on pages

  • Ensuring that every metadata field is displayed by default.

  • Bug fixes:

    • Transcripts: fixing patron display

    • Expanded searches: based on filename to use additional fields when migrated filename is added manually

    • Updated display of archive objects in scroller on library catalog


DPLA: Application accepted, another meeting coming up that will determine governance. Moving forward into implementation and planning phase; metadata has to work within DPLA system.

Round Robin Updates:

Adams State: no news, spring break! Training volunteer for metadata

Bud Werner: Soft launch of Three Wire Winter, will begin marketing push. Three Wire Winter teachers will be there with students that helped put it together.

CCU: spring break next week, hopefully working on data input to move forward projects

CMC: ready to start on 50th anniversary project, Jordan is on her way there to work with them.

Englewood: looking to move existing photo collection to archive, sometime this year. Onboarding staff and training

EVLD: update Red Book collection, adding yearbooks, working with Sara Marmot Intern

Gunnison: first DVD of first interview for video oral history project arrived; moving forward with Cattlemens Days and trying to get through backlog of items.

Salida: Finished 2 photo collections, began another collection including photos, maps, and histories

Vail: no news, hopeful for new hires to help with more projects

Western State: working through metadata; hopefully will do soft launch the end of next week

Sara: finished small photo collection with Mesa County; working with EVLD on photos and manuscript; matching digital offerings to physical items.


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, March 21
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