Pika Release Notes for 08/04/2016

Pika Release Notes 2016.07.0

Released on 8/4/2016

New Functionality

  • CARL.X integration work continues.  New functionality includes:

    • Renewing items

    • Cancelling holds

    • Placing Holds

    • Loading reading history

  • Add the ability to specify which Wikipedia article to use for an author and allow suppression of default Wikipedia articles




  • Archival Materials will now display as a new format for Marmot if a 590 tag is added with the text “Archival Materials”   



  • Allow Book Club Kits to be determined by 245k in addition to the 245h




  • Allow the sidebar menu to be enabled or disabled per library




  • Allow the last option for the sidebar menu to be renamed (typically either Home or Menu)




  • Allow suppression of items based on collection code (for Aspencat and Horizon systems primarily)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed redundant subtitles for eContent stored in the ILS (not sideloaded) within full record view (search results were fine)



  • Remove display of table of contents within notes since they display in the table of contents section.


  • Allow content editors to view and edit available browse categories

  • Linked accounts were showing incorrect information

  • Koha was showing titles that were on the hold shelf as On Shelf rather than On Hold Shelf

  • Fixed display of formats on series page


  • Fixed collection facet to not show location codes for Arlington

  • Correct display of status for Arlington Tool Library items

  • Correct counts within Account menu for Aspencat

  • Fix owned records for AspenCat for libraries with similar location codes

  • Fix display of covers for eBrary DDA titles

Digital archive work in Pika

  • Added the ability to request copies of materials from the archive.  Requests are e-mailed to the library (based on configuration information).  All requests are stored on the Pika server. The library is responsible for contacting the patron and can set fees for copies of the materials.



  • Setup of new Islandora server at Marmot.  Additional storage will be added to the server the first week of August and all data will be transferred from the hosted system to the server at Marmot the second week. Mesa County Veterans Remember has already been moved to the new server

  • Optimize loading explore more bar so it loads asynchronously

  • Display address 2 for place entities

  • Remove default collections (people, places, events, organization) from Archive Collection Facet


  • Fix display of military records in Pika

  • Do not show address if only the country is filled out

  • Remove redundant description for objects in Islandora

  • Fix display of external links for objects in Islandora

Additional Archive work

  • Fix subjects in Islandora for Veterans Remember objects

  • Add Copyright statements for Veterans Remember objects

  • Update metadata for Eagle Valley Local History Archive Collection

    • Fix names for people to be first name last name

    • Fix subjects

    • Remove duplicate entities

    • Fix date created

    • Fix physical description

    • Add genre data

    • Remove extra copyright info

  • Move EVLD Gravestones and House Surveys to new collections

  • Create tool to look for missing datastreams and re-add (tool is written, waiting for transfer to Marmot server to fully run)

  • Create tool to convert tool to migrate basic images to large images for Eagle Valley Local History Archive Collection (tool is written, waiting for transfer to Marmot server to fully run)

  • Prepare to ingest academic research into Islandora

eContent Sideload setups

  • EBSCO Academic for CMC

  • Zinio back issues for Marmot

Other changes

  • Format documentation for how to determine formats for libraries using the “default” method of format determination.

  • Enable the upload of custom covers for Flatirons Library Consortium

  • Additional checking of file sizes for Wake County, Anythink, and Flatirons prior to indexing to prevent indexing incomplete files.

  • Automate sending current marc exports to test system for Flatirons

Meeting Date: 
Monday, 2016, August 1
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