Release Notes for 2/07/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.01.0

Released Feb 8th, 2017

New Functionality

  • Update Explore More Sidebar for Archive objects and exhibits so the sections can be reordered, renamed, and collapsed by default.


You can use the Set Archive Explore More Options To Default to reset or create sidebars.

  • Update Related Archive Collections to include a link to the Archive Home Page called “See All Digital Archive Collections”


  • Update saved search page to store the type of search that was being done and restore the search properly.

  • Update timeline display for timeline exhibits and mapped exhibits to only allow single selection of date ranges.

  • Increase the size of scrollers when viewing elements within an exhibit so the full department name can be shown for academic research.

  • Automatically convert basic searches to advanced searches when possible

  • Add the ability to clear an advanced search

  • Consolidate related entities so each entity is only shown once in a section even if they are in the metadata multiple times with related roles.

  • Allow searching the archive based on legacy file number

  • Allow searching the archive based on PID

  • Allow covers to be hidden on archive search results

  • Update the display of archive exhibit pages for exhibits with few results so the images are not upsized significantly (especially Pine River exhibit).

  • Hide the ability to view transcripts if no transcript is available.  I.e.

  • Allow administrators to restrict whether or not PDFs can be downloaded for books so the library can monetize archive material usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Correct determination of Unknown Dates for timeline displays and take into account additional variations of the creation dates.

  • Fix occasional pauses in continuous indexing for Arlington

  • Improve the speed of loading Explore More Data for objects within the archive

  • Correctly consolidate locations when browsing exhibits by map

  • Display patron message for Arlington within the account section

  • Correct item status display for Incomplete Items for Anythink

Additional Work

  • Updates to YouTrack to improve workflow

  • Site visit to Santa Fe to discuss initial configuration options and perform administration training.

  • Work with Loveland on data migration as they move to join the Flatirons Consortium.

  • Assist Nashville in setting up a Pika test server to work with their CARL.X system.

  • Update logo for Basalt

  • Update so Hoopla records are automatically pulled monthly (records no longer need manual review)

  • Update ebrary records for Adams State based on conversion to “ProQuest Central”

  • Cleanup of archive materials to remove duplicate information

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, February 7
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