Minutes for 03/08/2016

E-Content Committee Meeting 3/08/2016

(OverDrive) Zinio Update – Jimmy

  • We have 12 member libraries who are now using Zinio. There is a current title list of 169 magazines. We have two less than first report, because two titles were no longer available. There are 4 libraries who still may join in the future.
  • Action item: Jimmy will send out a summary to E-content Committee that includes the funding and title count for Zinio.

ComicPlus Demo – Brad Gray & Mark Haley (Recorded Books)

  • ComicPlus Demo (Video) - ComicPlus Content List
  • ComicsPlus offers thousands of digital comics to patrons and includes the following:
    • Over 16,000 comics and graphic novels • Unlimited simultaneous access to all content for one annual fee
    • No holds, no waiting, no limits on checkouts • Popular and recognizable content for all ages
    • Single Sign-On through the RBdigital gateway
    • Access content via streaming on any PC, tablet, smartphone, through the web-browser with an internet connection
    • iOS-Apple device App (Android App coming late 2016.)
  • Some of the popular titles include: Archie, Adventuretime, Bone, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, X-Files, Transformers, Peanuts Gang, My Little Pony,Ninjago, Naruto, Lumberjanes and more!
  • Action Item: Tammy will collect all your questions, and send them to Mark Haley.

Overdrive Suggest a Title Form – Brandon

  • Marmot Overdrive Purchase Request Demo (Video)
  • Currently, when patrons click on the Suggest a Title icon on the Overdrive site, this brings up an email for them to fill out. This email goes to the Marmot office, where it is directed to someone from the patron’s home library. Marmot currently has an Overdrive Support Page for patrons to fill out. This forms gets sent to the library based off the patron’s barcode prefix. Brandon created a form for purchase requests that will do same thing. Marmot Overdrive users would find this form by clicking on the Suggest a Title Icon (located on the marmot.lib.overdrive site). The patron would fill out the form, and the information will go directly to the patron’s home library. This form would replace the email link that sends the patron’s request to Marmot.

Overdrive Recommend to Library (RTL) Demo – Meghan Volchko (Overdrive)

  • Chat log for RTL - Overdrive RTL Demo (Video)
  • RTL Overview:
    • Patrons would first search your collection. If they do not find the title, there is a link to search for the title in Overdrive. The patron can click on a button to recommend the title to the library. The patron can see any of their requests on their account. This information can also be seen in a report in the Overdrive MarketPlace. Anyone who currently has admin privileges can access this report. The report is organized by the largest amount of request to the least amount. Clicking on the information within the report will show the barcode of the patron. There is a admin setting that will limit the number of titles a user can recommend within a certain time period.
      • Q: Is this a feature that we have to just turn on, or does it cost extra?
      • A: Just ask Overdrive to turn it on. There is no extra cost.
      • Q: Can the reports in Overdrive be narrowed down to each branch?
      • A: Yes, you can choose a branch to narrow down the report.
      • Q: Does each library get a separate email when one of their patrons requests a title?
      • A: Unfortunately, if you choose to set up auto generated cart of RTL notifications, it will not break it down by member libraries. Meghan can create a development request to see if this is something Overdrive could do in the future.
      • Q: What happens when Overdrive does not have the item available for purchase in the MarketPlace? Would Overdrive intercept those, and give users a fill in the blank request form?
      • A: No. Overdrive does not have a way for users to request an item that is not in the MarketPlace. That is something they can work on in the new Overdrive. It does sometimes depend if we have a relationship with a publisher.
      • Q: Can a recommendation be cancelled?
      • A: No. Patrons cannot cancel or delete them.
      • Q: If you purchase a recommended item is the hold automatically placed?
      • A: Yes, the hold is placed automatically. It is not automatically downloaded. It will automatically end up on their list. It is checked out, if they are the first person in line. It will automatically put them on a hold list, if multiple people are ahead of them.
      • Q: Does this collection show up in your APIs? In other words, will Marmot have to figure out how to integrate this into the catalog?
      • A: Since the items are not in your collection, they would not show up in an API. They would be no need for an API.
  • Action Item: Tammy will gather questions and send them to Meghan. She will get back to everyone with the answers.
  • Action Item: Jimmy and Shelly will chat with Across Colorado Digital Consortium (ACDC) to see how it is working for them. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, March 8
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