Minutes for 04/12/2016

E-Content Committee Meeting 4/12/2016

ComicsPlus via CLiC – Kira Zimmerman (CLiC)

  • The Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) does a lot of support services for libraries across Colorado like the courier service. Kira Zimmerman groups libraries together to get discounts. CLiC is able to get a 20% discount for ComicsPlus for libraries within the state of Colorado. They have pricing for public schools and academics. You can order ComicsPlus through CLiC. Libraries will be invoiced directly by CLiC. Kira has supplied a trial access link, username and password for anyone who wants to try out ComicsPlus. If you need more information, pricing, questions or signing up for ComicsPlus, please contact Kira. Members libraries will be buying access to the ComicsPlus silos, so Marmot will not be involved with any of this process.
  • Order and Pricing – http://datalynk.clicweb.org/
  • Kira Zimmerman - kzimmerman@clicweb.org, 888-206-2695
  • Trial Access:
    • https://www.rbdigital.com/rbdigitaltrial/service/comicsplus
    • Click “Get Started”
    • Username: clic@clicweb.org
    • Password: clic2016
      • Q: Are any of the AspenCat Libraries, or any of the other libraries that CLiC works with that already launched ComicsPlus?
      • A: The libraries who have already launched ComicsPlus are Pines and Plains library district, and Arapahoe County.
      • Q: Now that it’s live do you have some sense of Pika integration, since there really are no APIs?
      • A: Since it is only Pines and Plains right now, Pika integration is not something that CLiC has started yet.
      • Q: Will Marvel be integrated into ComicsPlus?
      • A: Recorded Books is in conversation with Marvel. They will update CLiC, if Marvel becomes part of ComicsPlus. Implementing OverDrive “Recommend to Library” Kira Zimmerman from CLiC is managing Across Colorado Digital Consortium (ACDC) for the Recommend To Library feature. Jimmy asked Kira some questions to find out how this feature is working for ACDC.
      • Q: When the Recommend To Library (RTL) requests get filled by patrons who gets those requests?
      • A: Currently, the requests get put into carts. When libraries go to buy items, they will look at the carts. Anything they want to buy, they move it to their carts. We just have community carts that people can pick through.
      • Q: Why are there carts instead of one cart?
      • A: OverDrive creates a lot of carts. Every time OverDrive runs a new report it creates a cart. The reports are run once a month. The carts are listed by date which is helpful.
      • Q: Do people get confused thinking that those carts are pending orders?
      • A: It can get confusing at times.
      • Q: Do the requests for an item keep coming in until the request is filled?
      • A: Some patrons forgot that they requested a title, so they request the item again. You do not have to create any carts. However, you have to continuously run the report. You just need to pick a timeframe to run the report. Kira ran the report, and it was not showing her accurate titles. The report is not the same information that is showing up in her carts.
    • It was suggested that if we were to look at workflows it would be done once a month when the cart is created. We would relabel that cart “patron requests.” It becomes the duty of each library to run a report for their library to find their patron’s requests. The one problem is that once an item is in a cart, it shows as pending. One way to maybe remedy this issue is to move the suggest title from your patrons to your carts. Every individual library will need to be diligent to look at that cart every month for their library materials. At this point, we do not want to use the RTL feature until we figure out the budget information, or how to route requests to the patron’s own library.
    • Action Item: Marmot should get together with other consortia to talk to OverDrive about improving the process for RTL. Marmot could talk more with ACDC (Kira Zimmerman) and Flatirons about the ways that OverDrive can improve the RTL feature.
    • Action Item: Tammy needs to talk to Meghan about how accurate the reports are compared to the carts.

Implementing “Recommend to Library” form like Marmot OverDrive support form

  • There was a question about where this form would be displayed, and how patrons get to the page. The current link to the Suggest a Title can be found on the Marmot OverDrive page. There was a unanimous vote to move forward with Brandon’s form for “Suggest a Title” to replace the current email that patrons fill out.
  • Action Item: Brandon’s form will be implemented. He will work with Sean to make this form active. Once active, Tammy will work with Meghan to get this form on the Marmot OverDrive page.

Refresher on ordering in OverDrive marketplace – Alysa Selby

  • Alysa Selby showed the ordering process for OverDrive items. Here is demo video from our meeting about the Marmot OverDrive ordering process - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXz4px3rbys. This video is on the Marmot page for selecting and purchasing OverDrive materials. This page also has screenshots about the ordering process as well. The biggest reminder is to make sure you put your library’s two to three digit code when naming a cart, as well as the Internal Purchase Order ID. The invoice will go directly to your library. At this time, to order by using a credit card you have to fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form. This form needs to be faxed, before a credit card can be used to pay for your purchases. All items in a cart will have the status of pending, which may lead other libraries to think they do not need to purchase the item. It is suggested that members purchase items in their carts weekly.
    • Q: How do we tell a MDL cart from an advantage cart for the libraries that have advantage accounts?
    • A: Advantage Libraries have two log ins. There is the Marmot collective login, and the advantage login. When logging in use the Marmot collective login, you will see all the member’s carts. None of your advantage carts will show up when using the Marmot collective login. Using the advantage login, you will see a different set of carts that are available only to you.

Other Agenda Items – Information about a demo of the new OverDrive website was sent out in an email on April 14th titled “E-Content Meeting 4.12.2016 OverDrive Updates & Information.” 

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Tuesday, 2016, April 12
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