Minutes for 07/22/2015

Union Catalog Committee Notes July 22, 2015


  • Database concerns Jimmy – Summary of database corruption event.
    • Discovered 6/24/15, good communications during three full weeks, all have been notified, data associated with this event has been cleaned up (9630 titles)
    • Brandon – Create list #99 has items created on 6/24 that were attached to “target bibs” – 70 items on list, 15 groups.
    • These items weren’t on Marmot’s backup of 6/24 because the backup runs very early in the morning and these were created during the day 6/24.
    • Clean up of these items needs to be done manually.
    • MK has sent emails with item information to most of the libraries with items in this list.
    • Still need to send to CMC Quigley, Basalt, and Salida.
    • Any problems, even if not related to this event, please send to Marmot.
  • Q&A 
    • Amy (Garfield) - How did III discover issue and what steps were taken to repair?
    • Brandon – explained III process.
    • Brandon contacted Mark N. early on and Mark saved extract from Pika for comparison and crosscheck.
    • Jimmy – also addressed Amy’s concerns explaining that he has been working with III, VP Support, etc., III admits it was an honest mistake, III responded, owned issue and worked on it.
    • Emily (Bud) – Headings Report use for info for duplicates will provide some dupes.
    • Refer to MK’s recent document “Tips for working with Data Exchange” for one way to identify dupe records.
    • MK – Other ways to find dupes. Try searching by ISBN first, when cataloging.
    • Could do a bib utility number search to see entries with more than one bib.
    • Create a review file of order records and then match them up with complete bibs.
    • Amy – Risk of future corruption in the database?
    • Brandon – This episode was caused by a process done by III to migrate data for Ft. Lewis College.
    • The process on data load matched on wrong 907 tags (too many 907s in bib records).
    • III used their dedupe tools; our load process doesn’t use these tools.
    • Marmot is using a client environment which would avoid reoccurrence.
    • Going forward, this issue is on Marmot/III radar.
    • Marmot appreciates all the members’ cooperation during this time.
    • Emily – Data Exchange process – MK demonstrated the process Emily – expressed concern regarding any cleanups.
    • MK stated to wait until the bibs come back from LTI and are reloaded before any cleanup is done to the bibs.
    • Many bibs have duplicate/multiple 505 and 520 fields.
    • MK/Jimmy/Brandon – Should be able to resume regular workflows. Batch deletes, expired ebrary files, etc. Will want to be watchful during batch operations. You may want to rebuild any older create lists so that the data is more current.
    • Amy/Emily – Library front line needs concise instructions during situations like this. Frequent updates.
    • Kristin (SRL) – Library staff was not equipped to answer patron questions regarding mismatched titles on patron slips.
    • Asked why III couldn’t roll back to 6/23.
    • Brandon – Roll back would not have fixed the issue and would possibly have compounded the problem.
    • III needed to research the ‘why’. This took a few days and a roll back would have been a ‘temporary bandaid’.
    • Shelly mentioned she had moved items to correct bibs and put the delete code “x” in spec use field.
    • Nancy will make run the review file to delete these bibs. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, July 22
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