Minutes for 08/24/2016

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee,  August 24, 2016


Announcements: Marmot is purchasing a 5 user subscription to RDA Toolkit.

Action Items:




Find out from Backstage and Marcive about URIs in records

Backstage and Marcive can both put URIs in records with link for each heading.

Test adding dummy holding items to orders created with OneClick

Dummy added automatically by OneClick goes in with ‘mdlh’ – can be cleaned up 3 months later.

Change t, f, and d Mat Type labels to correspond to MARC Rec Types, move any bibs that currently have those codes to new Mat Types that correspond to their current labels.

New codes: t = manuscript text, i.e. unpublished theses, etc., q = temp, i.e. ILL, course reserves, etc., n = downloadable, d = manuscript music, i.e. scores, etc.

Create List 145 MAT TYPE = t.

Designate 907 and 917 fields for deletion.

*Lloyd – in process of adding ‘to be deleted’ in 907 and 917 field.  These will be deleted, they are being coded to see if anyone has a problem with deleting them.







I-Type reorg proposal


Jimmy says Brandon’s plan is to work with each library individually. No ITYPES have changed yet. Martha wants a meeting of Academics to decide on common loan periods. Loan rule at borrowing school matters. Patron’s library governs checkout.

Find old cataloging documentation, update it, and get it online.


No update

Investigate how we can take advantage of OCLC numbers in 035 of SkyRiver records.


No update

Subcommittee on the 001 meet to discuss what we want our load tables to do with this field.

Set of test records is in Sierra list 360

Lloyd, Jamie, Karen, Shelly

No update

Find out about possibility of OCLC reclamation project.  To what extent it would resolve our issue of records with no 001.  How many Marmot libraries are due a free reclamation?  Price of full catalog reclamation.


No update

Investigate possible re-indexing project. What else should be re-indexed? 019 and 079 are in the ISBN index and probably should not be.  Look through old UCC minutes for any reference to indexing, and start a wiki page to keep track of re-indexing needs


No update

Send Lloyd list of duplicates not found in Headings Reports

Amy Shipley

No update

Experiment with what might be getting missed by the Headings Report duplicate check


No update

Check with Sky River users about using correct loader


No update

Look for an automated process to fix the 001 & 019 duplicates in list 58

001 Subcommittee

No update

Evaluate authority RFQs

Lloyd, Brandon, Julie, Jamie

No update

Add dummy item creation to other order record loaders.


No update

Look for an automated process to fix the bad data causing vinyl records to appear as globes.


No update



Discussion topics

  • Duplicate committee report

    • New members needed.  Alisa is dropping off the duplicate committee and we would like to get more representation of public libraries on the group.

    • Committee worked on fixing Jamie’s Springer duplicate problem.  Lloyd produced a list of records that he thinks are the old versions of the Jamie’s Springer duplicates.  Jamie will check if they can just be deleted.

    • List 38 is a file of duplicates found by comparing 001 and 019 fields with Excel.

    • New idea: if we reindexed our 019 fields into the Bib Util index, then our load tables could be set to only match on a Bib Util in a 001 field.  Then 019s would be in the same index as 001s, which would make duplicate clean up easier.

    • Jamie asks if he would be allowed to assign deduping work to a staff member or if only members of the UCC can do that.  Answer: we have several members with unscoped logins so they assign to staff members for work on deduping.  Usually those logins are not allowed to also do global updates.  They can only fix one record at a time.

Authority vendors process

  • Jimmy – determining who to work with in 2017. Backstage represented well. Marcive has radically different functions. LTI is known but may be able to offer more.

  • Lloyd – to contact references who have used or have switched from LTI to Backstage and/or Marcive, get them to send details of how their procedures.

  • Jamie – suggestion that we create a set of 1000 records and make 3 copies to send one to each vendor.  Then we can make a direct comparison of what each one sends back for the same record set.

  • Lloyd to research on IUG listserv for info about problems with Sierra’s automatic authority system

RDA issues

  • We now have a Marmot RDA Toolkit subscription

  • Lloyd – authority vendors can do RDA updates for new records, back files cost extra

  • Option to use Global updates to change Latin abbreviations to new English terms and other changes

  • Do we want formal RDA training?

  • Jamie suggests a poll to find out who would like to attend a full RDA training

  • Shelly suggests we see if CLiC would provide RDA training for the western slope

New Action Items

Actually delete the 907s and 917s


Produce set of 1000 records for Authority vendor tests (3 copies of the same set of records)


Research Sierra authority system on listservs


Poll Marmot to find interest in formal RDA training


See if CLiC would do an RDA training on the Western Slope.




Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2016, August 24
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