Pika Training - Overview of the YouTrack Ticket System

Reviewing Tickets

  • You can go to https://marmot.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issues to view any tickets without needing to log in.

  • You can search for tickets by the number, or a word search

  • You can also type #unresolved to find any tickets that have not been fixed yet

  •  In order to be able to filter, see saved searches, or see more information about projects, you will need to have a YouTrack account.


Signing up for an Account

  • Go to https://marmot.myjetbrains.com, and click on the Log in button located at the upper right corner.  

  • Click on the Sign up button.  Fill out the information under the Sign up to YouTrack, and click on the Register and Log in button.


Reviewing Tickets When Logged In

  • Once you are logged into YouTrack, you can view more information about the tickets.  

  • You can see how many Projects are in the Deliverables and Inbox. You can click on the link to a limit to each project.

  • You can see any tickets that are assigned to you.  You can see tickets that you commented on as well as the ones you reported under the Saved Searches.

  • You can Filter the tickets.

Inbox Overview

  • Once you have an account, you can submit a ticket using the Inbox.

  • Click on the Log in button, located at the top right of the screen, to login to YouTrack.

  • Once you have submitted a ticket you will receive updates through email with the following information:

    • Asking for more information

    • Updates on the State of the ticket

    • Updates that the issue has been resolved

Here is information about filling out an Inbox ticket:

YouTrack Resources


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Tuesday, 2017, September 5
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