Pika - Adding Covers in Pika

1. Edit the MARC record in Sierra

2. Add an 856 field formatted as follows: 
856 72 |2VuFind_Image|3Cover Image|f<name of image file> 
eg: 856 7 2 |2 VuFind_Image |3 Cover Image |f whativestolen.jpg 

  • Note: Enter the full filename, including the file extension 
  • Note: The upper/lower-casing of the filename in the MARC record will need to match that of the file you upload. Pika needs the file name and extension to match exactly to what is in the MARC record.
  • Note: Any image format that displays in a web browser can be used. We recommend using .png files or .jpg/.jpeg files. 
  • Note: Please transform large images into smaller ones and keep the image file-size under a couple megabytes. 
  • Note: It will take over night for the MARC changes to appear in Pika. 

To verify the changes have appeared, browse to the record view for the bib you changed, and look under the Staff View accordion. The new 856 tag should be shown in the Marc Data.

3. Connect to the FTP server at Marmot - FTP instructions 
Note: If you do not have an ftp client, we recommend FileZilla 
Note: You will need to both specify protocol sftp ,and specify port 22 to enable secure ftp. Regular ftp will not work.
Username: vufind_covers 
Password: (Contact Marmot for the password: pika at marmot.org) 
Note: Marmot may need to update our firewall for you. If you cannot connect, please email pika at marmot.org with your IP address, and we can give you access.

4. Upload the cover to the FTP server. For best resolution, the cover should be at least 275px wide.

5. Once the 856 is in Pika and the image has been uploaded, the new cover should display. If it doesn't display, look in the Staff View, click on the Reload Cover button. The cover should automatically update. If you skip this step, the cover will eventually update, it will just take longer.

Updated 11/30/2017